UPDATE: Now comes Maria

Hurricane Maria hits me tomorrow…. Round two….

Hurricane Maria’s eye has left Puerto Rico, but the mammoth storm is still lashing the island with devastating winds. Maria weakened to a Category 2 hurricane Wednesday afternoon, with winds of 110 mph. But hurricane-force gusts topping 74 mph …New York TimesNPRCBS News – Hurricane Maria knocks out power to all of Puerto Rico, cripples other islands – CNN

In the last three weeks, we’ve seen two of the worst hurricanes in history strike our shores, with Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston and the surrounding area, and Hurricane Irma hitting all of Florida.

While the 6.5 million inhabitants of the Houston metro weren’t told to evacuate, Florida Governor Rick Scott issued a statewide evacuation order, telling 5.6 million people to move out of the state for the duration.

With enough knowledge, you can use just about anything you can find to survive. Maybe you won’t be living in the lap of luxury, but you’ll be warm, fed and have clean water to drink. That’s a whole lot more than millions of displaced victims of these two hurricanes can say today.

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