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►13 Mind-Blowing Survival Bunkers that Actually Exist◄

●13 Mind-Blowing Survival Bunkers that Actually Exist Amazing Video

This underground bunker in the Alps is not what you’d expect an underground bunker to look like at all. The Villa Vals in the Swiss Alps is a luxury vacation spot that turns a concrete industrial survival cave into a contemporary and beautiful place to stay. It blends perfectly into the landscape and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding scenery. It allows for ten people at a time to stay in with comfort.

# 4 Svalbard Global Seed Vault
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the remote archipelago in Norway is a short 810 miles from the North Pole and is literally designed to outlive the end of society as we know it. It’s a highly secure facility that sort of works like a bank / apocalypse-proof vault to store as many seeds from as many different plants and crops as possible. It is supposed to survive any event that could wipe out plant life or crucial crops. It is a politically neutral vault that is known to store seeds from the US, UK, Brazil, India, Ethiopia, and even North Korea. However, a human might not last that long in this vault as it stays pretty consistently at temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius or -0.4 Fahrenheit.

# 3 Cheyenne Mountain Complex
Built 2,000 feet deep in the granite Cheyenne Mountain is a bunker and facility that was designed to withstand a mind blowing five megaton nuclear blast from a distance of 1.7 miles. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex was once used for military purposes and was once abandoned but is now being moved back into since 2015. It has miles of military complex facilities as well as amenities such as a 24-hour gym and the ability to withstand a huge EMP pulse and major ballistics.

# 2 Chinese Noah’s Ark
Lu Zhenghai is a man from China that spent his entire life savings building his own version of Noah’s Ark, apparently out of anxiety that the Mayan prediction of the 2012 apocalypse would come true. The boat cost approximately $160,000 to build and measures 65 feet in length. It was made with 60 tons of steel and 10 tons of timber. It is yet to be finished, but luckily for Lu, that sudden global flood never came in 2012.

# 1 Survival Condo
The Survival Condo is an ultimate luxury survival condo for the ultra rich and ultra paranoid. An old missile silo in the boondocks of Kansas was refurbished and turned into an escape for any multi-millionaire who feels like society is about to crumble beneath their rich feet. For luxury units that go for 1.5 million to 3 million dollars each, the rich doomsday preppers can enjoy dodging the perils of the end of the world with every amenity you can imagine. Units come with a LED screen display in a faux window to prevent claustrophobia, high-end appliances, a classroom, gym, indoor pool, and even mandatory classes on how to survive.

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