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10 Best Zombie Proof Houses

10 Houses and structures people have actually built to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s incredible building that keep zombies out!

5. Water Tower House
While you’re on the hunt for some proper strongholds against zombies, consider looking for a water or fire watch tower to transform into your new headquarters of defense. Towers have used since the throughout the centuries as defensive structures. Offering you a 365 degree view of the land below, you could potentially spot zombies as far as the horizon. You’ll have a tactical vantage point to snipe zombies with your high powered crossbow or silenced sniper rifle.. The possibilities are endless here. A man in Staffordshire, England did just this when he transformed an old water tower into a luxury 5 bedroom home. Here in this photo you see the incredible view he has and also the numerous windows he could position his weapon. It would take zombies quite a bit of time to actually make it to the top if they were to break through the initial defense on the bottomfloor. You’d probably come up with some free water too.

4. Lake or River Forts
Theoretically speaking, if you could build your stronghold directly over your freshwater source like we see in this photo, that would be ideal. During World War II, the British constructed a series of sea forts, protecting the entrances of the Thames River. However, these seem to a be a little too isolated from reliable food sources and we all know seawater is completely useless. But building something like this over a fresher source could is certainly a choice you should consider. Even a ancient fort built on an island, like we see in this photo of “Por Bayzhn” built on a freshwater lake in Siberia would be a great choice.

3. Bunker Houses
Surviving the apocalypse is one thing, but surviving it in style is another. Once you’ve finally realized the zombies are gone, you might get a little bit bored so having a cool house might be worth it in the long run. Driving by this place, you’d have no idea what lies underneath. this house in Las Vegas, Nevada, was designed to withstand a nuclear apocalypse in the 1980’s but it’s also equipped with an underground bunker. This will keep you somewhat mentally stable and it’ll remind you of what life was life before everyone started eating each others brains. Here you got a pink toilets, hot tub, fake trees, and a realistic looking back yard. What more could you need? It’s located 26 feet below ground so the zombies should never even realize you’re there. You still might even have a chance to buy it but it’ll cost you 1.7 million.

2. Prisons
Let’s face it, you’d probably never consider making prison your new home but you need to reconsider this, if it was the zombie apocalypse. Here you basically already have everything you need to keep zombies out and they’re certainly designed to make it difficult to get into. Alcatraz is certainly a famous place in America but it could also be the best place in America to begin a settlement and call home. Located right near the mainland, it makes a great base for looting the mainland for resources. If you and your zombie hunting squad manage to capture this area before other survivors you should be able defend it pretty well. The strong current has made it nearly impossible to swim to. The elevated lighthouse would act as a perfect place to set up your stronghold considering it’s vantage point that’ll allow you to spot other scavenging zombies or surviving looters trying to make it to your island! The land is suitable for growing crops, the water tower has fresh water in it and it could certainly support a small population. If you got yourself a boat, go ahead and tie it up at the many boat docks, but watch over it carefully.

1.The Safe House
The safe house located in Poland is the ultimate secure zombie proof house capable withstanding numerous apocalypse scenarios. At the touch of a button it basically turns into a giant concrete cube capable of withstanding nuclear blasts. This is about as secure as any modern home could get. There’s nowhere for the zombies to enter. Doors and windows are tightly sealed from the outside world using concrete panels. When you want to leave, a drawbridge can be lowered and is the only way in or out during lockdown mode. With a spacious interior it’s certainly somewhere that you wouldn’t mind staying during the apocalypse either. Here in this photo you can see the concrete panels that will cover the windows and doors in case the virus does break out! For further protection, another concrete wall is added around the structure which is electronically sealed. As long as their stocked up on plenty of supplies, there should be no problem surviving here. But there’s plenty of space for that. Seems like the only thing this person is missing are the landmines in the front lawn! No expense can afford to be spared for the zombie apocalypse!

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    1. +Lucafuriousbear RBLX Neither do Dragons. We don’t design Dragon-proof houses either for good reason; Dragons and Zombies are impossible.

    2. The only certainty is death. The scary thing about death is it can come in many forms. Even in a zombie apocalypse or being ripped apart from a massive lizard.

    1. Hannobunny Diamon don’t use rockets then use space planes they’re a hell of a lot faster or just live on Mars

    1. Just Frodo not always, I’m too lazy to explain it right now so just watch “Epic how to: survive stranded at sea”

  1. I’m on an island in Hawaii. We don’t need guard dogs! We got the next best thing! Guard sharks! xD

    1. Easy there Trump…. It’s a debate unless you’re a crooked politician. Sharkie don’t like them. xD

  2. there are and wont be zombies. people are crazy. the only zombies we have are the current generation walking and starring at smartphones

    1. Untrue, a virus like that could form but I think it would be taken down pretty quickly. I think zombies themselves are possible, but actually taking over the world, no. Also, nobody’s gonna take you seriously when you make a joke like that in the same comment.

    1. 1. Im canadian. 2. (Most of us) Were concerned that kids with Autism will soon rise up against normal human beings.

  3. I invented a zombie, earthquake and tsunami proof bed. It has everything to survive the event in comfort and for days after but best of all, it has everything you need to get rescued as fast as possible. If/when disaster strikes, you are already in the most secure place possible even when you are sleeping :-)…

  4. Zombies don’t just walk, if they run they are not zombies just something else also zombies don’t feel things so scolding hot oil won’t stop them destroying the brain will, also zombies don’t need to breath so they can walk under the water.

    1. Deanne Rodney what if a massive horde comes and there aren’t enough carnivores and if there are no zombies I will have to have to us precious resources feeding them or they will eat each other.

    2. BobTheBrickBoy yeah true but the zombies wouldn’t be able to walk under the water since boyoncy will just push them back up 😛

    3. Zombies need everything humans need, they need air because without it their muscles begin to stop working, they need food otherwise their muscles once again get derived of energy. Destroying the brain is the only best way to kill them because it’s still controlling them. You can shoot them in the lungs to slow them down heaps or shoot their muscles to stop them walking. They say aim for the head only because it takes less bullets. although I say 2 in the chest 1 in the head is better.

    4. The War Pig They don’t need any of those things you realise that, they are zombies, THE LIVING DEAD. You know nothing about zombies.

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