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Solar Camping Survival Cooker

5 Survival Gadgets You Should Have

5 survival gadgets to help you survive the next zombie apocalypse

Home Gadgets:

5.Ms5 New Price: (as of 03/11/2019 00:58 UTC) :

4.Msk 1 New Price: (as of 03/11/2019 00:58 UTC) :

3.The Fire Biner New Price: (as of 03/11/2019 00:58 UTC) :

2.Pure 2 Go New Price: (as of 03/11/2019 00:58 UTC) : [Amazon affiliate link]

1.Klax New Price: (as of 03/11/2019 00:58 UTC) : [Amazon affiliate link]

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  1. It’s adding crap features to tools that should rightfully be standalone anyways. So realistically you can’t be passively using the carabiner for anything useful if you’d need to start a fire, use the bottle opener, or utilize the knife edge. I’ll stick with standalone tools.
    These are not survival tools, these are camping accessories.

    1. +Menuki i still prefer to boil, if not that chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. i do prefilter before i boil with the good old gravel, sand, grass filter, but with one add in. i also use activated charcoal. i use that in a reusable aquarium filter bag. A handful of that will last for 200 liters or so.

    2. What’s wrong about the knife? I thought it looked good everything else seemed like a quick money grab

    3. +ripppking I’ll put it this way. My carry knife is a Mora Craftline. It is razor sharp with a scandi grind that I can literally sharpen with emery cloth, you can’t do that with a convex edge. I can and have abused the living hell out of that knife and it won’t die. It will do anything that knife can do, except chop trees, that’s what an axe is for… or better yet a saw. Oh, ya and I paid $10.00 for it new. I can break or lose my knife and I’m out 10 bucks, do the same with some of the other knives out there and you will likely have a coronary. Also that knife is tacticool…….

    4. The knife to my surprise is legit. D2 is an awesome tool steel. D2 is a very respected steel as it is, but I personally believe it is still under rated. There’s fancier sounding steels, but none that I feel is actually “better” in any real practical sense. I have abused the crap out of that steel and have yet to break a D2 knife of any HRC.
      The question is, is it worth $400 for the package of knife + accessories?
      That’s up to the buyer I guess.
      I’d like to have it if the price comes down later.

  2. actually for number one the most lightweight and best survival kit is yourself with your knowledge derpity dep

    1. +activao83 Maybe this videos just for promoting this product, if the product is good, they will sell it…

  3. What’s this obsession with making spears out of knives? How stupid does one have to be to risk ones primary survival tool by waving it at objects at the end of a stick – and when would you even use it?

    1. +Brian Mccann
      I repeat “How stupid does one have to be to risk ones primary survival tool by waving it at objects at the end of a stick”.
      – How often is that type of hunting really viable in terms of calorie expenditure in a survival setting? It’s not what people do.
      – They don’t do it because few have the skill and the options are sparse.
      – But if you do have the skill and the chance – you could use lots of other things as a spear point. Or you could just fire harden the tip.
      – You have one knife. Your life depends on it. Why risk it on some chancy venture that’s likely to get you hurt of worse if you were to get close to succeeding?
      – Easiest way to kill a rabbit is throw a heavy piece of wood at it at a low angle btw. Hogs are dangerous. So deer can be – if you can find them and when they dont just run away.

    2. Use you knife to make wooden spears for smaller game.
      Larger Game, strap the knife to the shaft. Climb onto a tree limb or whatever. Sit, wait. Deer or Hog cones within 10 yards, Throw… Or Stalk Hunt, walking slowly & quietly.

      You can find Spear Hunting videos online.

      I rather buy myself a real spear though. Carry a Knife on my belt.

    3. I see you points. your points are wrong. Spears are made to thrust, slash, Thrown weapons is the Fact.
      Stalking Hunting uses up calories.
      Sitting & Hiding from ambush does not use calories hunting.
      Both are viable methods of hunting.

      We get it. YOU would not risk your knife to use as a spear. Depending on terrain, it’s might not be too risky.

  4. U cant make an axe head out of titanium. It may be light but doesn’t hold an edge. I suspect you’ll get about 10 chops before resharpening.

    1. Those look to be combat oriented not for actual work so much. No weight behind the shaft tends to lead to tipping of the blade and less work performed, if I remember my reading correctly. I’ve used axes a good deal but never one like what you linked…

      Quick amazon search and that’s what I found on the first page. SS but not bad proportions.

    2. Yeah for sure, all the other items were pretty cool but the last one looks to be a very expensive paper weight

  5. The axehead for rich people is useful. Good to know rich people can now survive. But usually they choose a 50 foot yacht instead,

    1. You better get you some bottled water and some ammo cause they’re coming over the hill any minute now!

  6. FACT: if you integrate silver into the straw it will purify it even more because silver has anti-bacteria properties

  7. Does anyone own a Klax? I like the idea, but does that ‘grip’ actually work?
    The guy in the video skipped over the gut hook but mentioned the bottle opener, which makes me sure that the guy in the video was just ‘selling a knife’ and knows nothing about them.. also why make a $600 titanium axe head?, you usually want axe heads to have some weight.. seems like yuppie bait to me

    1. Titanium sucks as a blade, flat out yuppie bait as you said as titanium has the wrong characteristics.

    2. Hercules Rockefeller He even brought in a real life logger and showed a clip of him hitting it a couple times, then cut to a shot of a tree falling cleanly cut almost like a chainsaw did it hmmm…. ?

    3. While I agree the Klax seems like an over designed paperweight, the tree felling demonstration wasn’t about showing the Klax knock down a tree effortlessly. The tree was already sawed most of the way and then the Klax was used to beat in the wedge to get the tree to fall in the desired direction. It just shows that it passes as a hammer.

  8. Survival kit with 1 or 2 survival pieces? Ok guy, easy way to find survival gear.

    Human needs to LIVE
    3 minutes without oxygen
    3 days without water
    3 weeks without food

    Simple Guide, now find an object that secures those needs. Then you go to secondary survival.

    Human needs to SURVIVE

    Look for for things that accompany those 3 along with the first 3, anything else is luxury for survival. Fire/Hunting/Tools to build, that’s what you need and that’s it.

    Everything else comes with experience/knowledge.

    That MSK 1 Knife seems to easily accommodate most of these needs and seems like one of the best buys I’ve seen for survival.

  9. 1. good and multipurpose (would buy)
    2. overpriced, and too big, for chopping use axe or saw, loose a screw and you’re screwed (no buy)
    3. just shitty and useless
    4. ok good straw i guess? still no fan of them
    5. nononono…so you need a piece of wood before you can chop a piece of wood? how shitty is this….heavy duty tools should be 1 solid piece..never buy

    1. Brian southparkstudio are you talking about the kit inside the handle? I don’t think that would cost that much.

    2. +OfficialBeast225 the blade is newly developed but the kit is likely very costly just because of how it had to be made

    3. And if it didn’t have moronic “oversized finger choil” that wastes at least an inch of edge to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. Oh and if it didn’t have the false edge that isn’t needed for anything in a survival situation, but makes eg. batoning worse.

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