AA-12. World’s deadliest shotgun!

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AthruZGaming says:

Dear Santa…

AthruZGaming says:

+Ricin Sauce Then I must kill Santa

B1rd0fpr3y says:

+Panus Gaming
I wouldnt try. He has got an AA-12.


+AthruZGaming lol

Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU says:

oh he’s not gonna help you with this one, I bet santa is trying to get his hands on this gun right now

AthruZGaming says:

+Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU HAHA true true

Bytheemperor says:

AA-12 with Frag munition is a blessed bolter for the holy emperor’s glory!!!! Charge the heretics, burn them all in the emperor’s name!!!! XD

Joshua Towne says:

But the Fostech Origin 12 actually looks like a Bolter

Bytheemperor says:

+Joshua Towne May the Emperor Bless you Brother… now to charge and burn the heretic!!! XD (we can use incendiary 12 gauge rounds for that, after you give the holy emperor HIS praise) 😀

Joshua Towne says:

Our thoughts light the Darkness that others may cross space.
We are one with the Emperor, our souls are joined in his will.
Praise the Emperor whose sacrifice is life as ours is death.
Hail his name the Master of Humanity!
(Incendiary rounds for regular heretics, and Incendiary Penetrator rounds for armored heretics. One way or another, they will burn)

XerainTheBountyHunter says:

There is only one thing I could say while holding that masterpiece, “DIE MAGOTS!”


Meh, although it lacks the recoil control and low-maintenence of the AA12, the Saiga 12 full auto shotgun absolutely demolishes it with twice the rate of fire.

S U R V I V E says:

But an AA12 hits much harder than a Sagia.

TheLegend27 says:

no it doesn’t, both are 12 gauge its not call of duty

Kevin MacAfee says:

Fostech Origin 12 is faster still

robocop says:

spash much better than this

Michael Akkerman says:

4:00 “Practically maintenance and lubrication free.”  And it jams…

MoonEyes2k says:

Those two statements are mutually exclusive. Because pretty much the only way you’d get ‘lubrication free’ is by having LARGE tolerances, and that would mean LOTS of maintenance.

Ahmad Yar Lali says:

its not avaible in market

MoonEyes2k says:

Nor will it ever be, at the rate this is going.

Specy J says:

This is most likely a dumb question but. Considering that a small explosive grenade shell has been invented, is it exclusively for only the AA12 to use is the ammunition compatible with other shotguns as well?

The8BitPhoenix says:

h u g h m u n g u s

Jacob Otoupal says:

The8BitPhoenix is that sexual harassment

ProKing Gaming says:

It should be called the haymaker. From BO3 of course

Christopher Lennon says:

Easily the ULTIMATE zombie weapon, automatic fire, almost zero muzzle climb, and the best part, the Ammunition would literally be EVERYWHERE in a post-apocalyptic scenario

Rico Vercetti says:

i here from GTA 5

E Al says:


Guds777 says:

i want AA-12 for 50BMG.

MoonEyes2k says:

So…you want a shotgun that doesn’t fire shotgun rounds? That…was almost impressively illogical.

David Vazquez says:

Rest In Peace Richard Machowicz… “Not Dead, Can’t Quit”

MoonEyes2k says:

Indeed so.

Dren Gillespie says:

Seriously, who’s side is this guy on? 300 rounds a minute? There are twenty rounds in it, lose the histrionics.

BayArea King says:

I have found my new love!!! she’s a beauty

Ocirne Dranyer says:

If this gun is going to be in the US Army, it might need a redesign:

-Lighter materials for the body (like carbon fiber or something lighter)
-Integrated KeyMod rail on the 3, 6, & 9 o’ clock positions with a picatinny rail on the top
-Closed Bolt
-Magazine well instead of magazine guide rail
-Magazines interchangeable with Saiga 12 magazines
-Improved recoil-mitigation system (somewhere along the lines of a Kriss Vector or an Ultimax 100)
-Quick change barrel system with multiple available barrel lengths from 12 inches to even around 30 inches
-Multiple fire-modes (Safe, Semi-Auto, & Full-Auto) with a rate of fire around 600 RPM
-Backup iron sights for use of close range optics
-Redesigned charging handle (more akin to an H&K G36 or an FNH SCAR)
-Multiple shotgun calibers (from.410 Bore to 12 Gauge) and a maximum chamber size of 3 inches.

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