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About Doomsday Preppers–What’s It All Mean??


The Doomsday – Disaster – End of the World Prepper Movement is real and it’s everywhere!  Many Preppers think a huge national or even worldwide catastrophe is coming within the next year or two, and they’re working like crazy and spending lots of money to be ready to face whatever is coming.  And also from the Doomsday Preppers weekly television shows and news reports and documentaries on prepping, every person featured or interviewed seems to have one particular disaster they passionately believe is coming straight for them, and soon.

Who Are Doomsday Preppers?

Surprisingly, people from all walks of life are involved in this prepper movement! They want to get prepared, stockpile supplies, protect their families and either hunker down or hit the road running to a safer place.  And, this is covered in a weekly TV reality-type show on the National Geographic channel.

People have been preparing for possible catastrophes for years, but with the weakened economy, poverty, crime, massive unemployment, freakish bad weather, earthquakes, fear of terrorist attacks and the uncertainty of 12/21/12, the Doomsday Preppers show has been created at just the right time to attract a lot of viewers, including me.

Each Doomsday Prepper show features mostly families or groups working together to prepare for a dreaded upcoming crisis of their choice.  In the last 2 months, bus drivers, financial planners, store owners, and others were featured with their own particular worries and solutions.  There’s probably someone within a few blocks of your home who is preparing for disaster right now, at this very moment.

And We have Had to Learn Brand New Words:

ITEOTWAWKI5TEOTWAWKI: The End of the World As We Know It! This word is often used by Prepper groups.  One Prepper show featured families teaching their kids that if their parents say TEOTWAWKI–it is code for Let’s BUGOUT NOW!

BUGOUT: Means “it’s hit the fan”– Grab your Bugout kits, let’s go!!  Several men featured on the shows often say ‘When ____ or It Hits the Fan” it’s TEOTWAWKI so BUGOUT!!
Bug Out Baby

What Are Preppers Stockpiling?

Water, and lots of it! It’s the most vital item to sustain life.

Portable water filtration systems are very important to keep handy.

Two-way Radios are invaluable in a crisis

–  Gas masks & paper surgical masks

Freeze Dried, Dehydrated, & Canned Foods have long shelf lives if stored properly.  Tastes and choices have improved greatly in the last few years because of new improved technology.  There’s freeze-dried, dehydrated, canned, and more offered on many reputable companies’ websites.  And remember to stock up on staples like condiments, coffee, spices, various cooking oils, sugar, etc.

MRE’s or Meals Ready to Eat work well when traveling and storing; some contain easily used self-heating features making meals more enjoyable.  We gladly ate these during 2 weeks of power outages & high heat during Hurricane Ivan in late 2004.  They were a real treat by candlelight after days of plain sandwiches, crackers, and tuna.  We had plenty of food to eat, but the MRE’s warm pasta, stews, even roast beef and Hershey Bars (my favorite!) were a welcome change.  I’ll always be grateful to our Governor and the National Guardsmen and Women sent into our little town to give us MRE’s, Water, and much-cherished ICE!  We take getting ice anytime we want it for granted!! Ice is really a wonderful thing you miss when you’re so hot and thirsty.

Heirloom Seeds, Preparedness Seeds, and Survivor Seeds ensure you have fresh Vegetables and Fruit for canning/freezing/dehydrating.  It’s important that these seeds are Heirloom Seeds so each seed then plant reproduces a perfect copy of the original one from decades, even centuries past, season after season.  Hybrid seeds used today will not reproduce perfectly, gradually becoming worse and are formulated genetically to make plants larger or block out particular diseases or fungi.

– [popup_product]Hygiene kits [/popup_product]should include alcohol wipes, SOAP, Kleenex, Q-Tips, scissors, nail clippers and files, ear and eye drops, bandages and band-aid’s, bathroom tissue, salves, lotions, sunscreen, aspirin, bug repellant, etc.

– Power Generators are fantastic as long as you can find fuel to operate them. More Important: GAS GENERATORS MUST BE OPERATED & PLACED ONLY OUTSIDE YOUR HOME in a well-ventilated open space.  Many people have died during long storm-caused power outages from placing and running their generator inside their home or garage which then tragically fills the entire building with Carbon Monoxide, sometimes killing entire families.

Gas Masks are vital in the event of biological attacks, smoke, and fires and the occasional angry skunk surprised on a quiet wooded path!

– Survival Gear including: Tents, Sleeping Bags, Pillows, Blankets, Backpacks, Hatchets, Utility knives, Two-Way Radios, Flashlights, Lanterns, hand-cranked radios and lights, Pest sprays, matches or lighters, warm and waterproof clothing and blankets, Sterno fuel, charcoal, [popup_product]First Aid Kit[/popup_product]s, [popup_product]Camp Stoves[/popup_product], Pots & Pans, Utensils, Maps, survival books, Fishing and Hunting gear, whatever weapons you prefer, if any, etc.  There’s just too many Prepper stockpiled items to list here.

Where Will Doomsday Preppers Live if They Decide to Leave Home or Bugout?

Luckily, there’s a brand new show called Doomsday Bunkers!!  They build really unique bunkers in various shapes, sizes, floorplans, and prices…from $30,000 up to a 10,000+ sq ft structure costing over $400,000.  Last week they designed and built a tsunami sphere that rests on a large stand and stays afloat and waterproof with people safely inside with an air source to ride out the flood.  And people are amazing at finding unique safe spots to ride out their disasters safely: old underground nuclear silos–my favorite–I also saw it features years ago on a unique homes show on the H&G channel; underground cave, dug out ‘spider holes’, several old buses and several train boxcars arranged together forming a compound, specialized underground bunkers built by professionals like on Doomsday Bunkers, storm shelters, more.  Most people bury their safe shelters stocked w/survival gear and supplies.  Many plan to drive from their homes to buried survival shelters200 or 300 miles away which can be problematic–what if the roads are blocked or you run out of gas during a disaster?  And one man’s new generator was stolen from the entrance of his buried shelter in secluded mountains 300 miles away from his home.

So, What Catastrophes Are Doomsday Preppers Expecting?PreppersSurvivalistsShelterPlansGuides007

– More horrific Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods, a Tsunami, Fires, Earthquakes, Polar Axis shifting, Solar Flares & Interruption of Earth’s Magnetic Field causing Electromagnetic Pulse; Solar Storms, Coronal Injection, Mt. St. Helens or other Volcanoes erupting, Worldwide Economic Collapse resulting in widespread panic and starvation, Flu Pandemics, Cannibalism, massive terrorist attacks, biological warfare, dirty bombs, all out Nuclear war, civil war, class warfare, Peak Oil, gas and other fuel shortages, another ice age, global warming, worldwide water shortages resulting in water wars, the much talked about fear of 12/21/2012 end of the world per the end of the Mayan Calendar…

There really are just too many targeted disasters being prepared for to list here… and there are disasters and attacks I’ve never worried about before and I may have a little trouble trying to fall asleep tonight, again.

Even with so many different types of people and horrible disaster scenarios represented in Doomsday Preppers, one Important common thread connects each one of them:…These people have all got a Definite PLAN to survive, to thrive, and protect themselves and their families.  These Preppers work really hard researching and preparing for years and spending hard-earned Big$$Money to accomplish all those plans for their loved ones’ survival and quality of life.

I think that’s admirable.  I wish I was that disciplined and focused sometimes.

Well, it’s late on another Tuesday night after watching a new Doomsday Preppers show.  I learned a lot tonight; some of the Preppers are from scientific, engineering, or military backgrounds and have neat methods and survival tricks to survive and to defend yourself from intruders. But here I am again, wide awake, a little jumpy, and it’s 12:40 am.  I’ll need extra coffee tomorrow, I mean later today.

American 0123Really, all those Preppers can’t be wrong!  They really do make you think…WELL, WHAT IF…???  Hey, IT Could Happen!!!.

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