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Alert !! North Korea New High Warning EMP Attack

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How North Korea could wipe out electrical networks across the US with a high-altitude EMP blast

North Korea’s latest nuclear weapons test has renewed fears of a devastating electro-magnetic pulse, or EMP, attack that could wipe out electrical grids across the US.
For the first time, North Korea specifically mentioned the possibility of an EMP attack on the US following Sunday’s test of a 100-kiloton weapon, which the regime claims is a thermonuclear bomb.
The weapon could wipe out much of a city, but the pulse from a high-altitude blast could sow chaos and destruction far wider.
North Korea’s state news agency warned that the weapon ‘is a multifunctional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP attack.’

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    1. Come on everybody we got a lot of Terror in a state go take care of them first cuz they are running everybody over don’t want to take care of that first for safety of our American people

  1. Paranoid scared little nation…what about the hundreds of satellites America has? Why should north Korea not have nukes when America has thousands. America need to wind their necks in.. they don’t own the world and we don’t have to conform to their rules and the way they think life should be lived.

    1. Steven S First, Russia? News Flash! Putin and Trump have business ties, doubtful Russia will be Attacking America, China? They can’t sustain there Population without trade with America, America would be better off without them and China would be in deep doo doo without America.. Also, N.Korea with nukes is a bigger threat to china then America and China knows it.. North Korea is on borrowed time.

    2. Steven S NEWS FLASH!! America has allies! The most Powerful alliance in the world.. Wake up meatstick

    3. YHVH WarriorAgreed! Thats all America Does is Bail out Other Countries! How much do we spend a year bailing out, sending aid, feeding, protecting ect ect? Fucking idiots! Take care of your own Shithole countries and stop being Retards!

  2. North Korea has ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY the United States doesn’t even know about. They could destroy the U.S Mainland in seconds & I mean seconds!

    1. Please back up your claims, where is there any proof of this? They’re broke and busted slaves of Kim’s regimes actions for decades.

  3. Your right its mot. This channel just cut and pasted old youtube and fox clips together and called it a new emp trheat from. N.k . Needs to get with the program


  5. God this channel is desperate. Absolute crap. Endless reposted crap from years ago with the word ALERT in the title and 50 adds.

  6. unfortunate as an Emp would be precautions are not entirely alien a faradaycage can be used to assimilate an artificial electromagnetic field used to conduct currents such as electromagnetic radiation or a RFI secluding its volume from external sources preventing outside manipulation used in this case as electromagnetic shielding similar to the plating we use within our iphone3000s to CONDUCT natural occurring disruptions from the sun or lightning on a daily basis I predict in the future we will eventually encase our homes with such protection with our electronic currencies the legal merit we use within our nations

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