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Apocalypse Man

Apocalypse Man is an American television program that premiered on January 6, 2010 on History Channel. Hosted by [U.S. Marine]] and martial-artist Rudy Reyes, the show is based on how to survive the aftermath of the end of the world. After Armageddon

Rudy Reyes shows how to survive in an urban area.

I hope you enjoy the show!

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    1. I’m Sorry, You have a Better way of Surviving in the Apocalypse?
      Please Elaborate on the plan of yours Which is Obviously Superior to the ex Recon Marine Literally Telling us how to Survive an Apocalypse

    2. +Dracog≡n Productions​ Lol why are people replying to my reply than the actaul main comment? Especially when it’s clear that that’s what they SHOULD have done seeing that they are saying the same thing.

    3. +Isaiah DeJesus some devices only let you reply to the main comment , that is probably why your getting the posts …..js

  1. Brother would get me killed so fast, his voice is so calming and supportive nearly had me believing I could do all the stuff he does in this!

  2. I suppose this is a good way for young, in shape folks to deal with it. Something is always better than nothing and skills are very important. But for me… I will be nowhere near the city. I was in the 1992 riots and can tell you that when its every man for himself…. the led flies and the weak get got…. real fast. Ill be on my mountain….. letting all those down below kill each other. And for the record… in my opinion…… there will be no surviving without firepower. You don’t want to be that one dude in a gunfight, without a gun.

    1. most definitely a firearm will be necessary, I figure history didn’t want to get in trouble telling people to get a gun

    2. That makes sense. Thanks for the helpful info. W all need to lean on each other for this kind of thing. Stay Safe

  3. I think what a lot of you are filling to understand is this was a pilot for a series on the history Channel. As for Rudy unassuming, a lot of you do not know who he is he was a Marine Corps recon Scout sniper with first recon Battalion so he knows how to survive. And in a pretty sure you catch potatoes have been watching TV on how to survive every one of them told you to stay out of the city but it’s one of the best places to get resources some pretty sure you’re mom-and-pop store will be picked clean.

    1. prior marine here… i think the objective was surviving if you were in an urban environment when shtf… not go to a city after… i would rather be out in the middle of nowhere if society collapsed

    2. I think the purpose of the show was to show how you would survive in an urban environment too since that is where most people live.

  4. This is completely wrong. I have over 1000 hours in dayz mod – You need to go for the Mountain Dew

    1. also do the friendly dance when you come across other survivers, cuts your chance of death in half if they see somone leaning to each side

  5. I would have stayed at the hospital. Gather all the food and fuel you can. The hospital should still have its dispatcher equiptment and should have a cb in that room too. Though when i was in the navy i was taught to stay away from cities

  6. This fool suffers from Little Man Syndrome, he couldnt cut it on ultimate survivor alaska, he fell out of a tree!!! keep your advice

    1. I’m Sorry, are YOU an Ex Marine who Fought in Iraq and Afghanistan? have YOU Trained for many Years and Obviously knows what he’s Doing?

    2. +Dracog≡n ProductionsIKR! funny how others gotta play Monday morning QB.Always putting people down to make themselves feel better lol

  7. bahahaha all these comments are hilarious.  you guys must have lived through more than one Armageddon since you have ALL the answers with such certainty.

  8. A few things, as a former Special Forces operator I have some experience in entertaining parts of the world. First, I’m assuming that this is about cool things that you can do with minimal equipment. The part where you break into a house that looks unoccupied; if I were to survive in place I’d make the place look uninhabited, and since you broke in without any means of defense except your body, what are you going to do if there people staying out of the way and armed?! The answer is that you’d be toast, and if things are really bad you might be they’re next source of protein.

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