Augason Farms 30-Day

Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Supply Pail

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The Augason Farms 30-day emergency food pail contains delicious meals that are easy to prepare and nutritious. With an extended shelf life, offer your family a convenient solution for preparing meals when the kitchen at home isn’t an option. Consider it food insurance for a for your family and loved ones. Perfect food solution for your cabin, boat, and even a personal vehicle. The 30-day emergency food storage supply includes 307 total servings, 35 individual food pouches, 1,822 calories per day, and 54,670 total calories. Make the wise decision and let Augason Farms’ food essentials give you a peace of mind that’s as indispensable as it is delicious. Product good for up to 20 years when unopened. Best when stored in a cool, dry and dark place at temperatures between 55 degrees F and 70 degrees F. Please remove and discard oxygen absorber after opening.

Product Features

  • 307 servings
  • 35 food pouches
  • 54,670 total calories
  • 1,822 calories per day
  • Up to a 20 year shelf life
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    • Silenced Siren
    • October 12, 2017

    A great value for the quantity and taste of the product. I opened this up to test out the food before I purchased any more, and I have to say, so far I am impressed. I very much enjoyed what I have I tried so far.Been using the water bottle, and it does that job pretty well. One fire starter will not get you through the month, but it will let you make that first fire and you can create char cloth from that if you really need to… it is more of a bonus than a key feature of the kit.The bucket comes packed with food…

    • Jeremiah J.
    • October 12, 2017

    Could be better. Augason Farms 30 day food storage: First off when reviewing this item before purchase I noticed that most people gave good reviews. However, most people had not opened the bucket, which is pointless to give a review. For all they know they got a bucket of sand… 5 stars! The first thing I noticed after receiving my order was that both buckets ordered were upside down in their shipping boxs. Maybe not a big deal, but shows lack of quality control. The buckets were in good…

    • R. Zerr
    • October 12, 2017

    The cat is safe now.

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