Backyard UNDERGROUND Apocalyptic BUNKER

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It’s finished and its amazing, the ultimate man cave, survival cell and underground survival bunker 60 Seconds To Survive: Escape the Apocalypse | Search And Find Objects Limited Time Action Bunker Survival New Price: $19.99 Old Price: $19.99 (as of 06/25/2018 02:26 UTC) rolled into one sub garden room.
There are more things to add such as air filtration and different power source but it’s a great space,


triforcelink says:

I wonder how much that thing cost

TGC says:

i would dig that hole by hand for 20k

Toby Manning says:


Jack Barnett says:

theundecidedt ya but he knew the guy so he probably Disney pay him


I would use a bunker for a supervolcano or nuclear war

Boss says:

I’d estimate 4-500k to build. Pretty sick it turned out.

Nick Overside says:

+bigpotpoker1 Yeah, which is only about £12k. Where’s the other $480k? You’d only be pretty close if he’d actually paid for all of the excavation vehicles brand-new on top of everything else.

Boss says:

+Nick Overside the steel unit cost 50k-70k so were at lets say 80k.

LuckyLegionN7 says:

Do you know for sure the unit cost that? because I wouldn’t think that much…probs 10k

Boss says:

+LuckyLegionN7 are u stupid? Go price how much it costs to dig that much. To put a well in my back yard was $400. Thats a 2 inch hole.

LuckyLegionN7 says:

+Boss you can hire a mini digger for as little as £400 per week, and a trailer for your car to move the dirt away. It would take about 3 to 4 days to dig this hole if you were a competent digger. Not sure who dug your 2 inch wide hole for $400 but I think you got ripped off.. A lot

TheWaggishAmerican says:

can the hatch be unlocked from the inside? What if you are down there and someone comes in and accidentally closes the latch?

Jack Birchall says:

Do you think he’s that stupid to forget a latch?

TheWaggishAmerican says:

+Jack Birchall No, I just didn’t see one.

Celestine Nwachukwu says:

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Abraxis729 says:

wouldnt the generator inside there gas you to death?

The Eh Team says:

He uses it outside. He could make a metal box around the air removal vent to prevent it from gassing up his breathing air, as long as the blowers are working fresh air in that is.

Alfie b says:

thats what i thought and plus why would he put it outside when anyone could break it.

0-60FPS says:

Also the heat that would be generated.

Someone says:

Abraxis729 the bunker is not for him it’s for the Jews


Hey man could I crash on your couch?
Couch? You can stay in the bunkuh!

Nathan C says:

you didnt detect the blatant sarcasm? or is this part of it

EAS, From The West says:

BeefSoda If you’re joking, Good job. If you’re not, you’re insanely paranoid and need some help

MeoT says:

BeefSoda trolling scrubs all day eh?

James Andrus says:

BeefSoda and you’re going to trust cnn?

Fidelio rex BlueDartz says:

years later this will come in use for a tornado. TELL ME WHEN IM RIGHT!

Jaythan Cotten says:

Fidelio rex BlueDartz yes

Crown Rider says:

That tornado you’re talking about were near me when I live, My friends posted videos of it on Facebook

Fidelio rex BlueDartz says:


winkle51 says:

actualy they do we have a lot per square mile,but they are so small no one ever notices them fact

Fidelio rex BlueDartz says:

good enough for me :3

Johann Sebastian Bach says:

See you in another life brotha’

K Y S says:

Lost reference or…..?

kim mr. says:

Hey!! Anybody can speak korean??? I’m Korean…

kim mr. says:

+Tiny G​ 그걸로 공부를?! 괜찮아여!!bbbb

BenTheBoss says:

안녕하세요 저는 Google 번역을 사용하지 않았습니다.

kim mr. says:

+BenTheBoss Are you American????

Tiny G says:

+BenTheBoss Oh I bet you didnt used google translater

kim mr. says:

+BenTheBoss HUH??? REALLY???

I love Syn's nipples says:

RIP your property value

Atlas Enderium says:

Is this an old MTV cribs video??? Lol jk

Justin 3 says:

How much did the bunker cost?!?!?

Lil Boat says:

How much did this cost you in total just curious

LeRoiDesGamer says:

Fallout ??

Miguel Buelna says:


minion4ikReal says:

60 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isaac Wallace says:

You must get board a lot.

Ham Sandwich says:

I think you should filter your pee in the bunker so you will have more water.

Nitger mofo says:

Dear World…. we just got a real life Jimmy Neutron…

BaddaBigBoom says:

Totally inspiring and fantastic, that is why this is my favourite subscribed channel.
Top favourited.

miep 64 says:

omg i wonna gave thi too!!!!

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