Bamboo Containers (Boiling/Cooking/Steaming)

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Using bamboo I show how to make vessels for cooking, boiling and steaming. Each vessel is used differently. A vessel for just carrying water and drinking is made as well.


ginolatino767 says:

Humanbens……. cos’è che porta questo ragazzo ad andare in un bosco e cucinarsi (o meglio, sperimentare) ste cose? o_O mah! cmq quando capirà l’uomo, sicuramente sarà a 5min dalla morte.. 😉

CincyPlasmaTech says:

@_@!!! I tried growing bamboo. It’s grass. How difficult can that be? When I found that it grew well in a pile of ash, it was destroyed by my friend’s bush hog in the same year. They say it is hard to control once it gets started. I’d like to have that problem!! Great video! You just chop away at it like it is nothing. I’m freaking out that Japanese Timber Bamboo is so close to my home!

Guy Bob says:

always gotta have that herb stash

vishal sk says:

good bra i like it



Annette Sutton says:

thank you great info – I made my arrow quiver out of bamboo and added 5 metres paracord it is bout 3-4 inches round and wrapped cord at notches by knot’s and twists of double cord without cutting it – you make it look easy to cut I drilled holes thru two notches very hard stuff I used dried bsmboo – in Japan they build multi storey buildings with it as scaffolding as it is as strong as steel – I have lived in bamboo cabin with plastic sheet for roof in Australia here it had a bamboo bed – you can also cook brown rice by bringing it to the boil with lid on then remove from heat leave for about 40 minutes then is ready to eat – big quake 7.2 near Vanuatu off Australia east coast here and tsunami warning – all your info will be valuable soon – need to learn and practice this stuff major event which can’t be too far off tks

Annette Sutton says:

have you tried popping corn with coconut oil yet very nutritious oil I use instead of butter just add honey drizzled over it – keeps months in cool spot and I make muesli out of shredded coconut sun dried raisins and rolled oats just soak in water well covered for hour or few hours just shake it when covered for few minutes to ten mins brings out milk from coconut and oats and crush nuts and add and u you have a whole meal needs no cooking -. I watched someone make a smokeless tent cooking fire with coals moved from a fire further away also good way not to lead poachers to camp site – I wonder if you could use bamboo bowl to carry hot coals and cook over them if ground is wet

Admiral Stark says:

A jaw chiseled by the gods just like myself. Good video man

Garrett Havenerr says:

“How to SIMPLY make bamboo containers.”

Tommy Dent says:

its not wood its actually a grass

Joe 伍 says:

the worst thing about this is splinters X_x

bio2020 says:

Bamboo is growing in the wild in the USA now, but bamboo is not a native plant to North America….. it was introduced here less than 200 years ago from the Orient. Which I am glad for. We should plant wild bamboo all across the USA and let it grow wild. In fact, the whole world should have wild bamboo growing. It’s such a useful plant for humans.

Rambooutfitters says:

We could solve deforestation in my opinion

Exile N Subjugate says:

There’s no reason why we can’t use more bamboo, for things like clothes pins, wooden spoons, flooring, toothpicks, building materials etc

Alfonzo Habsburg says:

Rivercane is native

Kosi Anazodo says:

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