Family Survival Kit

Bugout Survival Kits

by Jingram


Everywhere you look today, someone is talking about the bad economy, high gas prices, fear of terrorist attacks, crazy bad weather disasters throughout the world, solar flares, earth’s shifting polar axis, high unemployment causing so much hardship/poverty/homelessness, unprecedented high rate of home foreclosures, shortages, constantly rising price of food, fear of a possible WWIII, 12/22/2012, earthquakes, storms, peak oil, water shortage, food shortage, whew!!

No wonder I’m too wired to sleep at night! And of course, we’re always under the threat of zombie hoards shuffling down the street to eat us like on Walking Dead–hey, after the last few strange years, nothing would surprise me much.

In response to all that fear and dread, there’s been major interest in the new TV programs Doomsday Preppers, Doomsday Bunkers and in any media outlet item/show on those issues. So we’ve been getting a general education on a lot of different survival techniques and products used all over the country.

You need to put an emergency survivor kit in every vehicle your own or drive. Leave it there whether you’re bugging out to a bugout shelter 3 states away or you’re driving to Walmart. Today, in the turmoil in our country, you never know what might happen.

Be prepared! You have nothing to lose, and knowing you have emergency gear with you while you’re on the road, especially in remote areas, is a big comfort and could save your life.

As a deterrent to someone breaking into your vehicle to steal your emergency bugout bag, conceal it in the trunk or in the back seat floor with a dark blanket covering it.

You can buy a pre-made survival kit or put one together yourself to save money and customize it to your location, climate, and preferred tools.


-Waterproof backpack/tote

-Coat, waterproof jacket, rain poncho, hat, gloves, hunters’ chemical pocket hand warmers, cat litter or salt for driving in snow and ice


-Flashlights, batteries

-Survival knife, pocket knife, hunting knife, Swiss Army knife

-Small metal can/or pot to melt snow, boil water for coffee/tea, or purify water to drink

-Jumper cables, flares,

-All-purpose tool kit

-Bungee straps, strong nylon type cord, rope

-Bottled water

-Stash of energy bars, MRE’s, freeze-dried food or dehydrated food,

-First Aide Kit

-Hand-cranked Cell phone charger & lights that can be hand cranked; cell phone charger that can be hand-cranked for recharge

-Continuously maintain supplies in your survivors bag/backpack, replacing anything that you’ve used. Study directions on use of each item in your survival backpack so you’ll be ready to use it in a flash. Keep your vehicles full of gas; get a locking gas tank lid.

I certainly hope you never have to use your emergency bugout survivor kit. But you and your family will have a much better chance of surviving with the supplies in your bugout bag. And if you have the misfortune someday of witnessing an accident, you might be able to help the victims–that alone would be worth putting together a bag for your vehicle.

Oh, there is one more very important thing:
For your own safety… Keep all vehicle doors and windows LOCKED!!
Zombies just reach over & pop open car doors to eat ya like a KFC drumstick…
Keep it locked!

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