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Buy a Shotgun Joe Biden Lying AR-15

Joe Biden lying about the AR-15

Gun control Biden wants you to NOT have access to an AR-!5 like the terrorists are fond of using.  Those ole’ shotguns are easier for the women folk to “scare” off them terrorist.

Biden: If you
want to protect yourself get a
double-barrel shotgun have the shells at
12-gauge shotgun and I promise you as I
told my wife we live in an area that’s
wooded and somewhat secluded said, Jill
if there’s ever a problem just walk out
on the balcony here or walk out
put that double-barrel shotgun and fire
two blasts outside the house.

I promise you, whoever coming in is not going to.
You don’t need an AR-15 it’s harder to
aim it’s harder to use and in fact you
don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself
by a shotgun.

I do agree with the shotgun part though…


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  1. If there is a Video that’s more discriminating against women and fire arms let me know. Oh I will make a video showing women not handling a shotgun properly to make the Vice president look bad. Stop there are plenty ofi women that handle 12 gauge shotguns just fine. I really hope your point wasn’t to argue women are some how unable to handle a shotgun. What’s next a truck oh I know probably not a able to drive at all or vote how about own property . The debate should have shown maybe multiple intruders where the 30 rounds would be needed. To argue the uncontrollable firearm for a woman makes you look like well a jerk . I for the Second amendment and for assault rifles but not degrading women. If you have any questions head down to Dixie grab a Southern Girl and she will have no issues shooting a 12 gauge

    1. +headmaster2983 so that’s your response. I would love to have a battle of wits with you but to attack an unarmed opponent is uncivilized good day to you and your small pair sir..

    2. This was clearly not Joe Biden’s brightest moment in American history, and I don’t think you can disagree either. Even if it’s biased and political it’s still funny, so quit acting like Joe Biden’s a victim because in the end he’s vice president and he doesn’t need your defense on the internet to make him feel better about himself. And to attack an opponent that is armed wanting to kill you is uncivilized when someone is in need of self defense? You’re the one who clearly needs a pair if you use “being civilized” as an excuse not to shoot a predator on sight.

    3. +headmaster2983 Well I would first off let you know I do believe WE are both 2nd amendment proud and for all firearms. I do not endorse the idea a female is some how unable to perform at the rate of a male in any situation. With that being said i don’t believe you have then same beliefs down here in Dixie yes the south women and men use sabot slugs to pick off Bucks at 75 to 150 yards during hunting season all the time yes sir

    4. If you watched the whole video the point was that rifles were easier to aim than shotguns. Why can’t women have equal characteristics as men? I’m no feminists but you sound sexist.

  2. Just buy a shotgun with only two bullets so the guy robbing you with 15 in his glock can blast your stupid face for not buying something that holds more bullets.

    1. But make sure you shoot two blasts in the air like Joe said to do first so you are then unarmed. : )

  3. Here is what I want to know…. why does he care if someone uses a shotgun or an AR-15… if they are using it legally… he should not care one damn bit…

  4. Great so some one is breaking into my house I wonder out in to the street and start shooting a double barreled shotgun? How stupid does he think people are? If anyone gets with in 2 square miles of his property the secret service all
    armed with Ar15s will storm the fucking beach. Shoot a shotgun in the air? Dear Christ, should I get a pitch fork and a couple of fire crackers as well?

  5. While dumb advice at face value, I love the fact that a democrat advises you to purchase a firearm for home protection.
    Obama and Clinton had to be furious with his remark.
    Had he mentioned a short barrel 28 gauge or 410, either in semi-auto he would NOT have been giving bad advice at all for home protection especially for use by a women. Now join the NRA and a local club/range where you can practice and get proficient with your home defense firearm. Almost all clubs/ranges offer safety course you can take for little money. Many require it as part of the joining process.

    BTW, never walk outside your house and fire rounds into the air!!! Unless you live in the middle of nowhere there will likely be city ordinances that prohibit this and you could wind up getting charges. You would also want to check local and state laws to know what is and isn’t allowed. For example if someone is leaving your house and you fire at them you could be in hot water as this is no longer a “defensive” situation regardless if they are armed or not. KNOW your local laws and KNOW when the use of deadly force is allowed.

  6. i don’t think any of these men are telling their girlfriends or whatever to “hey babe, lets see you shoot a shotgun”. i think they were doing it of their own volition. So to the woman that said “Ow, Allen!” i doubt he put you up to it, honey

  7. Like hell he told his wife to go outside and fire to blast the Secret Service that are constantly with her would backhand her.

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