Solar Camping Survival Cooker

Building Bamboo Shelters Bamboo Living Homes are ICC-ES certified and have sold over 150 such structures, which…

A Bushcraft Bamboo Tiny House

Sturdy and columnar, bamboos are great materials to build a survival shelter. If you have a…

Make a Bamboo Knife Without Tools

SnoMan answers viewer questions. The first bamboo knife video generated a huge amount of traffic…

DIY Survival: Make a Bamboo Container

Cody demonstrates how to build containers out of bamboo – which grows in hollow segments….

Bamboo Survival Arrow

How quickly to make arrows from bamboo.

Survival Shelters with Bamboo

Survival fishing rod challenge(fishing with bamboo!!) Gonna be doing the bamboo rod survival fishing challenge….

My Actual Bamboo Canoe

This video is about My Bamboo Canoe Project. I Have wanted to build my own…

Bamboo Containers (Boiling/Cooking/Steaming)

Using bamboo I show how to make vessels for cooking, boiling and steaming. Each vessel…

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