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Civil Unrest in Post Obama’s America

Civil Unrest In America If you think that civil unrest is something that doesn’t happen very often, then you haven’t been paying attention. Civil unrest has become commonplace even normal. It’s what happens when people get mad and decide that they’re going to protest or riot or hold demonstrations. During times of civil unrest, chaos […]

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Recycled Wood Home

Lumber for Nothing and the Dirt’s for Free…

Need to get off the grid and not go broke.  These guys have the ideas so they don’t need so much cash.  Build you own “Prepper’s Paradise” with reclaimed wood and even soil or hay.  Don’t believe you can – just look on Craig’s list and see the stuff available for FREE!  Just go to […]

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preppers and Bambo

Bamboo: The Ultimate Homestead Survival Tree

Survive and thrive with Bamboo Bushcraft Ask any veteran US Navy Seal or Army Ranger who trained in jungle survival up until the year 1992. Chances are, they trained under the Aeta tribesmen of the Philippine jungles in Subic, Zambales, where the former 7th fleet of the US Navy used to hold base. The Aeta […]

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Vanishing Survival Supplies

Being self-sufficient is the goal of every prepper and there are supplies that can help you reach that goal. One of the goals you’ll want to have is to make sure that you don’t rely on your area’s electricity. Today we will discuss the second half of that list along with a few other things, […]

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Bushcraft Bed Building

Would you like to lighten the load you carry and the equipment you use to make a weekend survival shelter? How would you like to learn a Bushcraft bed building technique that will keep you off the ground during those cold or damp evenings in the wilderness?…Bushcraft Bed Building A  survivalist is someone who leans […]

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Survival Heating, Eating and Hygiene

Some preppers opt to purchase a generating plant that’s solar powered.  While these can be expensive, they can provide all the energy your home needs. Using the earth’s natural light that’s provided by the sun during the day is a way that some preppers prepare while using battery operated lamps is another.  Candles, kerosene and […]

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US Army Survival Manual

US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 (Paperback)

US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 (Paperback) By Department of Defense Buy new: $9.86 26 used and new from $4.49 Customer Rating: You can buy bulk supplies of MREs (meals ready to eat) that can feed an entire family for a year or longer. Have communication sources like a cell phone and a battery operated […]

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Slingshot Survival Cow

Slingshot Flying COW

Slingshot Flying COW w/ Sound (Toy) By Playmaker Buy new: $2.14 Customer Rating: Inside the bag, you should have water, food, first aid, a way to take care of shelter – like a sleeping bag or poncho, flashlights and personal safety tools like Mace or weapons. Make sure you pack a battery-operated or hand crank […]

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