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Why Every Prepper Needs Paracord

Paracord is short for parachute cord and it’s akin to a miracle piece of equipment that any and every serious prepper or survivalist should have. It’s usually referred to as 550 paracord because despite its thin appearance, it can hold 550 lbs. That’s some serious strength. The cord itself can be unraveled to reveal inner […]

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Affordable Thermal Vision for Preppers or Survivalists.

They are on sale right now do not know how long the sale will last.  I NEED to see what’s out there at night – This helps and you have not lived until you see a yard possum on the FLIR… FLIR Scout TK Pocket-Sized Thermal Monocular FLIR Systems Scout III-640 Thermal Imager, Detector 640 […]

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They’re Gonna Blow! – Volcanoes and Earthquakes and Gas – Oh My…

In other words, it’s a doomsday prepper’s wet dream. As Outside contributor Emily Matchar wrote in the June 2012 issue, preppers constitute a “growing subculture of Americans who spend time and money—lots of both—preparing for apocalyptic scenarios … Click here to read the full article  

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Many Tornadoes

Doomsday Survival Bunkers

Are Survival Bunkers Necessary for Preparedness? Survival bunkers are sometimes referred to as bomb shelters.  These bunkers are shelters constructed of various materials that you can use to keep your family safe during a disaster. They’re a good idea to have because you can stay protected from an attack or other dangers.  Having a safe […]

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Bug Out Bag

Prepper Bug Out Bags

A Survival Backpack for Every Member of Your Family You need to have your gear already contained and ready to go for two main reasons.  First, in the event of an emergency, everyone already knows where to go to get their hands on several days’ worth of necessary supplies. Secondly, in the event of an […]

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night vision2

I SEEE You – Prepper Style

The Importance of Prepper Night Vision Protecting your family from human invaders is something you’ll need to do day and night. If you want your property fully protected, then you’ll need to have the ability to see in the dark – so that they’re not able to overtake you by surprise. Animals don’t always stay […]

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Beeman Classic II Slingshot (Sports)

Beeman Classic II Slingshot (Sports) By Marksman Buy new: $7.99 15 used and new from $2.99 Customer Rating: Keep antibacterial wipes with the kit and seal your personal ID copies in with the kit. In case your originals are destroyed in the disaster, you’ll have a backup copy that will save you from a future […]

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