Survival Skills


D.I.Y. Bugout Shelter

  Hi guys, I’m Lilly and today I’m going to show you my bug out camp. When it comes to bug out camps, camouflage is essential so that’s why I have put a lot of debris and leaves on the back side of my top. Let’s take a walk around my shelter here.  As you […]

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bearded prepper

Bugging In – Planning to Stay

If Bugging In is your primary plan when the STHF, I’ve got some thoughts for considerations and for your planning. You’ll have to deal with Noise Pollution, Light Pollution, Odor Pollution, Security, Defense and have a plan to Bug Out if you’re compromised. Bugging In: What To Do When TSHTF and You Live In Suburbia […]

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Building Bamboo Shelters

A Bushcraft Bamboo Tiny House

Brick Rocket Stove

Build a Brick Rocket Stove

Hi guys, today we are going to look at the brick rocket stove this is a simple survival stove that is efficient with fuel and effective at cooking. The materials needed for this project include 19 red brick, two 1″ red brick a paving stone and a metal grate. We will need to cut one […]

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Top 5 Survival Weapons

Today we are going to take a look at the Top 5 Survival Weapons that you can use in any survival scenario. Let’s start with # 5: The Sling. The [popup_product]hunting sling[/popup_product] is an ancient weapon, which has historically been used for hunting game and in fighting. The sling is swung in an arc, and […]

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Spider Hole – Hide to Fight Another Day

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