Could You Survive a Fallout?

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Command and Control

Life After Doomsday

Nuclear War Survival Skills

U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Survival Manual


Atomic Weapons Tests

Stay Safe, Stay Strong

Atomic Bomb Blast Effects

Military Effects Studios on Operation Castle

Family Fallout Shelters

Duck and Cover


Written, Directed, Hosted and Edited by Jake Roper

Cinematography and VFX by Eric Langlay

Assistant Camera: Stefan Colson
Sound Mixer: Jacob Varley
Sound Design: Jay Pellizzi
Production Coordinator: Lisa Solimeo

Music by Jake Chudnow and Audio Network

Special thanks to RED Digital Cinema, DJI & Litepanels.


Greyson Mills says:

TBH, if nuclear war WERE to happen, I would be the one to walk outside the house and accept the fate.

Billionfold world says:

+Greyson Mills I am, but telling you what I’m doing is a waste of my time.

Billionfold world says:

+Greyson Mills so…..what exactly are you doing again?

FAUST says:

@Taylor The one underneath the pentagon.

Lauren Bennett says:

Or you could just jump in your fridge.

kemboy323 says:

The fridge is lead lined. It’s possible, but barely. He could survive, but he would have his bones crushed before he could.

Prins van Oranje says:

+kemboy323 The fridge would be thrown and destroyed by the explosion anyway, making survival impossible.

kemboy323 says:

+Prince of Orange Yes, the fridge would be destroyed by the explosion, but the nuke was about 1 mile away (Indiana Jones), and not in the City Center.

Eddy says:

Lauren Bennett
You’ll either end up like Indiana Jones and survive
Or end up like that ghoul kid from Fallout 4, trapped in that fridge until somebody gets you out and sells you to a slaver

Dragon Man says:

Lauren Bennett I know

Otto Von Bismark says:

What Fallout 5 Visual Reality Version?
For Free?!!!

Vote for Clinton NOW!!!!

turin turambar says:

So… it needs a psychopath and pussygrabber? Oh and btw, not american.

Rooney says:

+turin turambar America already had a Pussygrabbing Clinton, at least Trump wants peaceful relations between America, Russia and North Korea. Trump will be fine.

Alex Thegamer says:

Otto Von Bismark its virtual reality

Eden says:

except that wouldn’t be VR

Patrick On Drugs says:

Where’s Vault-Tech when you need them.

Jack WolfBoy18 says:

Logan Wernette true

AyToNiic says:

Russia owns vualt tech and rigged it

Goldsteel says:


Mario Perez says:

AyToNiic lmao

Jason Houle says:

Patrick On Drugs you will die hipeothetichly.

Jayu Lawliet says:

I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to start a flame in your heart

Cyber Byte says:

+Montpelier Montgomery just wait a few years

Montpelier Montgomery says:

+Cyber Byte Go on…..

Shermal Jones says:

but if there is fire in my heart i would die instantly lol

smol meme bean says:

“War, war never changes”

Birki gts says:

Depends on how you define change. Hundreds of years ago we where hitting each other with pointy metal sticks. Today we are blowing each other into oblivion from thousands of miles away.

Marcela Sovcikova says:

I’m Stingy and you’re mine! 23rd ocober 2077

I am the Clorax, I speak for the Bleach says:

Marcela Sovcikova thought I put 23rd. Nailed.

Mark Belanger says:

need to buy that jacket

Champi Gnon says:


Matt Jones says:

Mark Belanger me to

Champi Gnon says:

are all of u guys blind or what’s goin on

Wot n Ternation says:

Champi Gnon wut

Champi Gnon says:

Lit Bee well dude asked for picture of the jacket and asked a description of it, I literally link 2 pictures and explain stuff about the jacket and all I get back is ppl saying I wasted their time, I’m quite confused ngl ?

Jack Sheehan says:

You will be happy to know that I have beaten fallout 1, 2, 3, NV and 4 so kill you sef bsauce

I am the Clorax, I speak for the Bleach says:

Jack Sheehan oh I’m so happy to know that! No one gives two shots. But a least we got a Bethesda veteran over here!

Jack Sheehan says:

+If you can, fly pancake! Franks brother I luv all of Bethesdas gems

Chris Barth says:

Is that you Jack?

Jack Sheehan says:

+Chris Barth I am gregs son

Chris Barth says:

+Jack Sheehan Wrong Jack Sheehan then. Sorry!


This is the firsr vsauce 3 video i watched.

Gaming Bros says:



+Tricia Melia wut

Denzel Perez says:


ThaVrisco says:

Late to the party

Luke Liu says:


Jan Urbiš says:

If you want to survive fallout, call Vault-tec.

I am the Clorax, I speak for the Bleach says:

Jan Urbiš Vault-Tec! A better future underground!

K9 Gains says:

Jan Urbiš haha

Its Ya Boi Clorox Bleach says:

“A better future underground!” (X) Doubt

Nigerian Prince says:

“Now what are you supposed to do when you see the flash?”
“Duck and cover!”

“And probably die!”

Danette Billups says:

By the time you see the flash its too late

ChaosManticore says:

Even if you don’t look directly at the blast, you will see the vast amount of illumination on the terrain around you. That will be your que to duck and cover. Preferably under something big and heavy.

xXGuNzXx says:

Nigerian Prince you’ll die for sure

Its ya Boi Clorox Bleach says:

Nigerian Prince I’m still waiting for my money cash me outside how bow da?

Isabella Troski says:

This is what I like to say about nukes “nukes are like guys dicks, they’re always showing off how big they are but they never wanna use them on each other.”

GodPlaysMC says:

Isabella Troski xd

Ethan Montes says:

Isabella Troski ?

mimi k says:

you should watch the British film “threads” about the fallout. it’s pretty harrowing and it is said to have unnerved Ronald Reagan

Matthew Eargle says:

mimi k Dude, T.H.R.E.A.D.S. is raw. Like, horribly raw–right up there with The Day After. If you want a tear-jerker, watch When The Wind Blows.

mimi k says:

+Matthew “Atari” Eargle threads is my home city Sheffield so I have particular interest in that film

[No Username] says:

Bikini Atoll is where the name ‘Bikini Bottom’ from Spongebob is based on.
The reason spongebob and the population of bikini bottom behave like humans and are fully emotionally sentient is because of mutation from ionising radiation.

Le Loominati says:

[No Username] creepy

The Master Promethean says:

Yes I can survive fallout all I need is:
The wanderer by edion on a pip boy
A trusty canine companion
And a blue and yellow jumpsuit and I think that is it
Yeah that’s all i need.


Advooser says:

and a 10mm pistol just in case

İsimsiz Oyuncu says:

The Master Promethean m8 u just NEED fridge

Donald Trumpepe says:

Sorry, but the dog will be killed by radiation poisoning, and the big plastic wrist mounted block and jumpsuit are going to be burned into oblivion by explosions.

Donald Trumpepe says:

+Are you serious bro that was also a joke

Tranquility Records says:

” I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. ” – Albert Einstein…… My Obsulte Favorite quote of all time

Glass Of milk says:

+SledgyGAMES Nah…….reaaalllly?

Mesferto says:

I thought he meant that the entire human kind will die and start back from paleolithic. That would be an interesting theory…

christopher choate says:

Milieu Records I saw this quote when I died on a Call of Duty Campaign mission

Multi Mobile says:

christopher choate same lol

Silphaer says:

And that was how Vsauce died. Also, thanks for reminding me of our future since Trump.

Mini Moustache says:

Silphaer Who’s Trump? OHH… wait, don’t you mean “The Annoying Orange”?

Silphaer says:

Actually I was talking about the plague, but I understand you mixing them up.

Mini Moustache says:

Silphaer Oh, okay, it is fine… Has China or Japan found a solution to kill this plague yet?

Dank Dark says:

Silphaer So Trump vowing to improve relations with the other largest nuclear superpower puts us more at risk for nuclear war. Right.

Silphaer says:

I don’t believe I stated he would intentionally start a war.

Miku Cat says:

How to make a movie… 101

Watch a Vsauce3 video

Jacksepticeye Fan says:


IronWolf may says:

Jacksepticeye Fan a

Toxic Burn says:

That last part looked real.

Toxic Burn says:

EthanKPH [GD]. Yep

ForeverZero says:

In all honesty, that’s probably what it looks like.

Nate yolo2005 says:

I 100% agree

Ghost Rider says:

Toxic Burn Brother?

Toxic Burn says:

Ghost Rider. Hay! My brother, good to see you man

RollerConnor Gaming says:

better get my Caps ready

The Wanderer says:

But connor. You better get your lead bunker ready first.

Pom pom12 says:

just wondering but is it any kind of caps or just the nuka cola types??

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