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Doomsday Preppers: I Hope I Am Crazy :
Kathy Harrison might seem like a mild-mannered New Englander, but she’s preparing for the worst by being extremely self-sufficient.

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Beauty of Form says:

“Poisoning and slitting throats in a person’s sleep” is a much more humane
way to kill someone than to shoot them with a gun.

Beauty of Form says:

I agree, I was just being sarcastic. I was saying there is no
difference…Killing someone is killing someone whether it be gun,
knife…poison ect. So I’m saying get a gun and get er done.

417HOON says:

Depends on who you are

Austin Straka says:

These guys cracked me up, no guns, depending on your community that
literally consists of barefoot hippies, so much stupidity.

Guy Fieri says:

poison them or cut there throats I think you are crazy 

Colonel 100 says:

u just sound crazy as them

J Helmut says:

+nguyen danny Did you not watch the video? lol

mshara1 says:

Nice to see someone who practices New England values.

Dwight Stewart says:

LOL. Well, take a good look at them because they may not be around long,
especially after a catastrophic event. By the way, perhaps you can explain
how poisoning or slicing a throat is better than just shooting with a gun.
Guess the former two are just “New England values.”

mshara1 says:

+Dwight Stewart They’re more practical than the typical redneck preppers
from the South who think disaster preparedness is basically training for a
Mad Max Thunderdome existence.

王仲恒 says:

You are the oen who shuould be worried

Prepper JayJay says:

Like that attitude.

MrWilliser says:

Lord Humongous doesn’t operate on kindness.

JimmyTheRustled says:

Let’s talk to this Humongous. He seems like a reasonable fellow!

jay ronaldo De Allasandro says:

Ginger pubes there should get shot between the eyes :)

JimmyTheRustled says:

These people would literally become the marauders’ slaves. At least the
woman would be.

Trevor Merel says:

Just pure dumb fucks

Colonel 100 says:

i only think doomsday preppers are crazy if all they worry about is how to
kill other people and how many bullets are loaded in their bunker. its not
a bad thing to be ready for an emergency like tornado hits and destroys the
community, a hurricane doing the same thing. war breaks out on the home
land. but as long they are more about survival and less about how to kill,
who to kill where to kill.

mason1011 says:

+nguyen danny knowing how to kill is part being ready. Its unfortunate
but..its not like you can call 911 for help.

The Slovenly Tactician says:

“Gun R bad but killing people in their sleep is acceptable” – Random
dumbass hippie

JimmyTheRustled says:

Barefooted hippie is hilarious.

Tyler Hay says:

Ya sure having a stockpile of food is good, but if you dont have any
weapons to protect yourself someones just gonna come and take what you
have. Watch the walking dead bruh

Will mckee says:

I might sound really dumb, but are there any significant fault lines in New

Leonardo Mendez says:

nope but it’s a middile target for war

Mikkhep says:

I have watched some episodes of this show now and I am absolutely convinced
that Americans are the dumbest of the dumb.

Zariah Stanley says:

Mikkhep they aren’t in america dumbass

AmericanWarrior1776 says:

She needs to watch that episode with Tyler Smith.

Shawn Bradley says:

i guarantee you that the people with the guns will take what they want when
they want. No amount of “Charming” is gonna stop them. You better be armed.

DZA says:

Look at that old man, wtf is he doing. He probably got 5 years to live, and
he’s wasting it on this bullcrap

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