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Dude Crying on Doomsday Preppers


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  1. everyone is stating the obvious… but how bout the fact that their plan of
    defense is sitting in a blind 20 feet up that has no ballistic protection
    in an area that has no trees to provide the slightest amount of
    concealment… and sticking the barrel out of the window is a dead giveaway
    that someone is in there

    1. LMFAO earlier in the episode he had his whole family run out of the house
      for an “attack drill”. So his plan to deal with intruders is to remove all
      of his family from a safe position.

  2. Commenters acting tough, you’d all be on the ground crying, covering your
    ears too if you pulled the trigger and the rifle went “feat. Nicki Minaj”

  3. Those guys should probably stick to laser tag and Xbox games. Paintball
    actually hurts more than shooting without hearing protection so that’s a no

  4. how are these pussies going to fight off gangs of violent attackers when
    they cry from the gunshots?

    1. yeah, as soon as the Mexican gangs need food this chiropractor and his
      pedophile buddy are toast.

  5. All it was was a little shell shock, basically like someone seeking up
    behind you and yelling BOO, except you feel it in your chest.

  6. I am watching the show right know fucking idiots that’s all I have to say.
    they will be the first ones that lose everything.

  7. this guy is such a baby… I am glad people like this have several years
    worth of supplies because now I don’t need anything more than a balloon and
    a needle to take those from him lmao!

  8. LOL wut a pussyhe had air protection on too go watch demo ranch and see
    these guns aren’t that loud

  9. what a couple of pussies…. pathetic just pathetic, this show went all
    over the world I’ve seen it in several languages I don’t want the world
    thinking all Americans are a bunch of queeros like these two faggots

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