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"Extreme Preparers" is a spoof on the National Geographic show "Doomsday Preppers" if you haven't seen it, it's a ridiculous show about people that spend their whole existence preparing and worrying about the end of days. Our parody of the show is filled with pickled cats, knife fighting skills, barf, poopie, cocktails, crow meat, and nipple blood so please sit tight and enjoy our tv show length video. Have some nice white wine!!

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    1. +Armed Defense You can’t type a single coherent sentence, and *I’m*
      uneducated?! HAHAHAHA!
      Did you know you’re 50 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a
      terrorist? Thought that might be interesting to note.

      Also, ISIS is bullshit. It’s controlled opposition designed to make
      girly-boys like you piss their panties and run to Uncle Sam for protection
      from the Big Bad Bogeyman.

    2. +The Danneskjold I cant run to Uncle Sam as I am not in America as i would
      need to swim across the sea, please show me to why I cant write a coherent
      sentence, my English is perfect.

    3. +The Danneskjold Show me an example please before you go watch some reality
      bullshit tv show.

  1. naiz !! but the best is to share their urin with each other, urin comes
    from water, water equals urin looooool gg

  2. Great idea! And I’m not above poking fun of my own interests. But this
    could have been condensed to 6 (25%) to 8 (33%) minutes. Anyway… funny

  3. this can be real how the hell did he get a gun he going to shoot himself
    or his cousin

  4. Doomsday Preppers? How incredible stupid is it possible to be?? Maybe you
    get yourself a life instead of preparing to save the one you don`t seem
    to have..
    Stupidity and paranoia must be a natural part of American culture ( in The
    Land of the Brave..)

    1. this is a show about the extreme idiots plus editing it to make it as
      “fantastical” as possible.
      Plus how many people would just figure out where these people in this show
      lived/stored there supplies and kill them if things go to ****

  5. I think y’all have a good plan going on so don’t y’all worry about them
    experts! we, like y’all have our plans and gear ready too. See y’all on the
    other side boys. take care.

  6. This COULD HAVE been well done. Unfortunately, you dolts failed. Please
    don’t try again.

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