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Harmony House Foods Soup Mix, Dried Vegetable, 12 Ounce Quart Size Jar

A terrific value. One quart jar of our non-GMO, premium vegetable soup mix makes over 24 cups of delicious soup. Just add 1 cup of mix to 6 cups of water, simmer for 10-15 minutes and season to taste. That’s it. Save a ton of work. No need to chop the onions, dice the carrots, cut the tomatoes. The work has already been done for you. This mix contains a minced version of our carrots, onions, tomatoes, peas, celery, green bell peppers, green beans and parsley. Season to your taste and use as a complete soup mix or add to a dish that calls for a variety of vegetables.

Product Features

  • Gently air dried and carefully selected vegetables; No additives or preservatives; Non-GMO
  • Dehydrated vegetables maintain their high nutritive value with less nutrients lost
  • Store for 1-2 years in your cupboard; No more wasted food
  • Saves time and money; 12 ounces of dried vegetable soup mix yields 208 ounce; Of soup When reconstituted
  • Food you can trust from a nationally recognized leader

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  1. Do You Know How Long We’ve Been Looking for Vegetable Flakes? Five to ten years ago you could walk into any discount outlet mall kitchen store (like Kitchen Collection or the Corning Revere store) and find “vegetable flakes” along with the other spices on the shelf. Then, abruptly, they vanished. That’s why I was delighted to find this “dehydrated vegetable soup mix” for sale on Amazon. While, yes, you can make a nice vegetable soup from them, they are also priceless for adding a variety of small vegetables to homemade turkey/chicken soup, mixing with…

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