Sea Eagle Sport Runabout Classic Inflatable Bug Out Boat

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This video details how to assemble a the Sea Eagle Sport Runabout  boat. 

If you need, and you do, an inexpensive, light weight and portable Bug Out Boat.  Just check these out at our friends at Sea Eagle.


TopNotchEagle says:

do I have to register the inflatable boat at the DMV first be use?

TopNotchEagle says:

+SeaEagleBoats Thank you

SeaEagleBoats says:

Always check with your local DMV for rules and regulations. All boats in
our region equipped with motors must be registered and there are certain
locations that will only allow electric motors and other that do not allow

Paul K says:

Anyone tried an 8hp 4-stroke on their 9.5′ Sea Eagle? I just bought one but
it seems VERY heavy…

Kareless805 says:

How many people can get on ?? Or whats the weight capacity ?

jorgecano1934 says:

Where did you get that trailer i have been looking for a trailer like that
for my sea eagle 10.6 runabout please help

Michael garza says:

how long does it take to set up and can i fit it in a car

FARQ3X says:

How much?

fishrcoolturtles2 says:

whats that specific boat called.

Bigoz Ium says:

thx m8 😀 You helped me alot 😀

Bigoz Ium says:

thx m8 😀 You helped me alot 😀

aarondavid826 says:

does it have a keel?

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