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How To Survive A Nuclear Attack ⚠

What should you do in case of nuclear war? Do you have a plan to survive a nuclear attack? If you don’t have a clue what supplies you should consider, we’ve put together the top 20 things you absolutely must have to survive a nuclear war and total economic collapse.

Nobody ever wants to experience the devastation caused by nuclear weapons. For decades, the Soviet Union and the United States have built and tested hundreds of different nuclear bombs. With so many nuclear blasts documented with video evidence and after the U.S. bombed Japan, seeing first-hand the devastation, the world clearly doesn’t want to experience it ever again. Fortunately, we’ve avoided all-out nuclear war in the 21st century. But today, the threat of nuclear war is still very real. Whether in the hands of a small country or a top nation state, nuclear war is something everyone should be prepared for. Much like planning for economic collapse and other events, it’s important to have a plan and supplies in place.

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  1. Too many misbehaving children in the world’s sand box, their momma needs to let them know it’s time to go home for supper and quit all the arguing and fighting before it’s too late.

  2. PROTIP:

    The Economist is an English-language weekly magazine-format newspaper owned by the Economist Group and edited at offices in London. The publication belongs to the Economist Group. It is 50% owned by the English branch of the Rothschild family and by the Agnelli family through its holding company Exor. The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors.

    1. +ChinaVlogs Still possible, you wouldn’t leave the AI just running on its own forever, you’d have someone check it. Especially when you notice someone in the comments pointing it out. It’s not surprising they feel the need to dispel this theory, what is surprising is the reply’s grammar is the same… so clearly the voice from the video is not the same person as whoever is programming the auto-comments, or replying directly to me, because its obvious he is not an english native speaker.

    2. That’s a really good observation. However, I know plenty of intelligent humans who make simple grammar errors when using the internet. But, you’re probably correct. Hmm, on a side note, I sent you a message, but I’m not sure you check your personal messages.

  3. Love a bit of fear porn, as do the channel creators here. Still waiting for the economic collapse since 2007.

  4. Personally, I don’t intend to “survive” a nuclear war. I don’t intend to get cancer and have pusstuals all over my body, while I watch others die, and they watch me die. The only people with underground bunkers, are those folks that were able to afford such luxuries. I’ll be trying to get right underneath the warhead. To die at the speed of light seems less painful

    1. dexterdave54 there is no way I can survive this cuz we live in a condominium so it’s kind of hard and we don’t have a basement

    2. dexterdave54 Remembering lines from a great movie that, YOU SHOULD NOT FEAR THE BOMB BUT RATHER LOVE AND ANTICIPATE IT.

    3. Tanay mehta I grew up during the cold war era. Life was going to go on, regardless. You can prepare to a certain extent but you can’t live in fear. When the fight or flight response kicks in, in the nuclear option, neither really apply. Thank you for weighing in on this forum

  5. President Trump, This is not about you and Korea. This is about us and you. We don’t want war. I want to see my grandkids tomorrow. I want to see you do what you tell us to do when we are confronted with a bully. Fighting is not the way, we must conduct ourselves, for the sake of our children and their children. Stay in today President as we are alive and well today. Let there be a tomorrow for our future.

    1. Listen , obviously Trump won’t attack first. He’s just saying that if NK attacks , he’s going to bring the firepower.

    2. You can thank Bill Clinton for giving N. Korea the light-water nuclear reactors back in ’94. Trump is doing the best he can with a bad situation and he has no choice but to stand up to N. Korea at this point. N. Korea just launched a missle straight over Japan today. Talk about provocative.
      Thanks Clinton, George W., and Obama for allowing N. Korea to violate the treaty and continue to enrich their nuclear materials! Fact is, if Trump doesn’t take a hard stand now YOU HAVE NO FUTURE. You should be thankful that you finally have a President who’s not a push-over! After the N. Korea situation is dealt with, we have to deal with the possible war with China and Russia and the civil war that Obama and Soros are pushing for. Oh, and did I mention that Iran will soon be a nuclear superpower thanks to Obama? I really wouldn’t plan too far ahead into the future.

    1. ha! I noticed that too. and I happen to own the one they showed! now, if I could just figure out why YouTube wanted me to watch this video….

  6. 1. Live at least 5 miles from the likely target area (I live in New Jersey, so I can kiss my azz goodbye).
    2. If you do not want cancer from fallout stay in the underground shelter for at least 80 days.
    3. Do not breath the air from the outside…this is the toughest. You can think about some filtration system.
    4. Have enough food for the initial nuclear winter or about 20 years.
    5. Have machines to remove top soil that will continue to be poisoned for at least 150 years.
    6. Have seeds to plant fresh food.
    7. Forget the flavor of the meat.
    8. Your offspring must persist for at least next 10,000 years. At this time, they can claim a victory over the nuclear war!

  7. This’s not a ball game, this’s a deathly game. Don’t ever think only expose one nuclear war head will finish. You press a button, I press a button and he press a button then every body press a button. This game call game over. We want peace, we don’t want war. Stop thinking evil things !

    1. Don’t you think everyone knows that? If Kim Jong Un didn’t know that him launching a nuke would cause a WW3 he would have attacked by now. Just stay calm bro.

    2. Epic Wizard please thinks about his age, he only 32 years old, still immature. No body can gives him advice. He grow up in a dictator family. His mind so narrow. One important thing he never suffered any war. He thought war will make him tougher. He under estimated US power. This’s not a regular war. This’s a nukes war will have a lots of people die and suffer in the future. To play with him, we have to play softball game with him. Can you play hard with a pit bull ? People should ask any person who had suffered during the war. I believe they will tell you. Stop war and don’t support war. American people should ask the American’s old soldiers who had suffered during the Vietnam war. Both sides got suffered. Millions of people died. Today they’re still suffering after the war. So many new born babies in Vietnam has doubled heads, elephant nose… Because the American chemical bombs dropped in Vietnam during the war. If you see those new born babies, you won’t support war any more. Imagine you have a child like this. Will you support war any more ? Nuclear war is millions times worst than chemical war. Will effect thousands of years…. If War, no body will win, people will die and suffer. That’s a result. That’s a reality ! Even you and me are lucky still surviving. Will we can escape suffering in the future ??? Please think about our families too. God bless everyone in the world. Please don’t support war. War is evil thing to think about it …

    3. I never said I was supporting war. I was saying that war is “most likely” sort of a last resort option. So just calm down everybody.

  8. The only people watching this video are people that want to know how to survive without a half a million dollar bomb shelter !!

    1. dat boi Have to hide first. The fallout is the worst. Raining radiation filled dust will burn, and kill you horribly. Unless you mean to move to the mountains, and away from society.

  9. i would like to ad that a fucking “coop of tea” will be the last thing on my mind if a nuclear warhead has detonated…

  10. I don’t have none of that. Oh well!!! I guess I will watch Netflix until the lights goes out. Feeling happy and safe!!!! Always Smiling!!!!

  11. I don’t want war, I want peace. I want to be able to grow up as a adult and have my own children. I don’t want to die at 12 years old. I want peace, why can’t we have peace? I want to see my future as something that doesn’t have to hide all the time and have fear. I want a future were I can be worry-free about nukes. I want to see my children when I’m older

    1. Unfortunately peace won’t be had for a long time. I would want peace too, but people don’t think the same way. If peace was met, then we would all have to think the same way. I don’t think that would be a good idea.

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