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Building Bamboo Shelters

Bamboo Living Homes are ICC-ES certified and have sold over 150 such structures, which have been assembled all over the world. They also build custom designs and larger eco-villages and developments. Designed for use as temporary shelters in the aftermath … Building with Bamboo: 13 Super stainable Structures


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  1. Good video. I would like to learn the art. Whom do I need to talk ? Please provide with your e.mail and phone if that’s not a problem from your end.

  2. i knew someone who lived in a bamboo shelter sadly it toppled down over him but he could still live if he diden’t put silver ware on his roof

  3. use boric acid and submerged the bambu for 5days, your bambu will free from insect you don’t need to worry about insect for 30years (in some website said that).

  4. We were lucky that we have good bamboo market here where we can find dry bamboo, the electricity also back to normal a few weeks after the earthquake. You can use manual drill to make hole in the bamboo. At that time, within 8 month the project able to make 12.250 T-shelter. The community themselves who built the shelter with the supervision of trained Indonesian Red Cross volunteers of course.

  5. Hi, I’m an architecture student and i find this video really interesting and rich in knowledges. I have so many questions regarding the design and materials. I am curious of the use of genteng tiles instead of other lighter material, and i have some other questions too. Where or who can i ask about all these? Congrats and good luck anyway on this wonderful project. I am hoping to join similiar projects, as i am too a youth red cross member. All the very best for red cross.

  6. hi nabila !! there is some books about bambo construction and architecture you can get it throw internet … also about about green eco-buildings!! i knew in only one thing that this things only you can get it by training ,in our area we made houses from earth…

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