Jogger Fogger With Holster

Jogger Fogger With Holster by UDAP [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.] (Misc.)

Jogger Fogger With Holster by UDAP [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.] [Misc.]

Jogger Fogger With Holster by UDAP
By Udap

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Without electricity, you can lose the ability to call out for help for health reasons or if there’s looting and the battery on your cell phone dies. The time to plan for a disaster is right now – while you have electricity – while you have the food you need and the means to get ready for what might come your way. Prepare yourself now, but have an emergency preparedness kit. In that kit, you need water for every member of your family and enough food to last everyone for at least a week. You’ll need a way to keep warm – especially if the disaster is during the colder months. Use thermal blankets and waterproof sleeping bags. Have battery powered or solar powered gadgets that can charge cell phones. Have flashlights and radios on hand that run on batteries and keep extra batteries ready. Or, invest in the hand crack variety. Make sure you have a first aid kit that includes face masks and all prescription medications. Prepare your kit with infant and pet needs, too. Keep antibacterial wipes with the kit and seal your personal ID copies in with the kit.

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