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Doomsday Preppers: Friends Can Become Enemies :

Prepper Michael Patrick Douglas fears the world’s population is going to reach critical mass and is teaching his family how to live off the land.

Living Off the Land | Doomsday Preppers

National Geographic

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  1. What an idiot. He fears he could be a target in an overpopulated world,
    yet he agrees to be filmed for a Nat Geo documentary where he reveals he
    has no firearms. When the post apocalypse gangs pay him and his family a
    visit, it will wont be pretty when he and his kids try to fight 9mm with
    giant chopsticks.

    1. Fatpot is a troll. Don’t bother with this bottom feeder. His disposition is
      his torment. To interact with it is like purposely stepping in dog poop to
      eradicate it. It only serves in spreading his special brand of stink. It
      may be all he has, but we don’t have to participate in it.

    2. +Primitive Skills lmao that you call me a bottom feeder when I live in a
      luxury condo while you dwell in some wooden hut. And you need to look up
      the definition of a troll to see that it’s someone who deliberately posts
      inflammatory comments to illicit a similar response. All I did was try to
      enlighten you, but you were too ignorant to see that. I’ll be on my way,
      and do you see the irony in mentioning “stepping in dog poop” when you romp
      around the forrest floor all day? Your hut must reek of bear crap and
      panther piss.

    3. +FatPot G are you any of these? femenist, obese, BLM, athiest, new ager,
      liberal, dead,vegan

  2. I think dogs would be better, since they are already used for guarding and
    hunting for few thousends years.

    1. +Lea Kadxrova In world war two geese were used because they are low
      maintenance, require no training, and are expendable. Wild birds only
      demand an increase in personal awareness, which was the story I was trying
      to get through. Sadly the producers had there own story to promote. We have
      dogs…and things they said we don’t, but it is best not to show your hand.

  3. Isn’t the whole point of Dooms Day Preppers is not to get exposed?
    and reveal what you do, what you can do, etc.. Basically Entertainment at
    its finest..

    1. +James Wong Exactly. We attempted to share skills via this medium that
      would inspire folks toward self reliance and resilient community bit were
      met at every turn with comments like, “our audience doesn’t want . . .”
      What we did get on film was left on the editing floor. The finished product
      is the result of a three day “contest” of stories. Ultimately, the producer
      and editor have the final say.

  4. I live in the uk u dumb fag. You’ll get all your stuff stolen soon enough
    when your dollar collapses, there will be plenty of people bringing it
    against your bird sounds and tomahawk axe. Then we will see who isn’t
    living in reality you poor deluded fool.

  5. Hehe sorry that your sister got raped and killed but daddy watched too many
    Kung fu movies in the 70s

  6. hello I have been interested in prepping for a long time sometimes I fear
    it might be to late to get started. I see in your comments a mention of a
    survival school I would like to get more information about attending and
    thank you for sharing your information

    1. his school is called the maine primitive skills schools. I think the
      website is

  7. I don’t really care about this prepping bullshit. I’m a fucking air force
    para rescue man they train us to live in the hardest condition possible in
    order to live

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