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Make a Bamboo Knife Without Tools

SnoMan answers viewer questions.

The first bamboo knife video generated a huge amount of traffic last month, and a ton of questions. We answer the top 3 most common questions:

1. Who the **** is Elmer?
2. Why do you need a bamboo knife if you have a real knife?
3. How do you make a bamboo knife without tools?

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    1. +iTube Arktanae Click on my username (SNO Multimedia) to go to my channel, then click “About,” then click on “Send Message” (on the right). If you have any trouble, let me know and I’ll send you my email address.

    2. +SNO Multimedia I just now sent you the message tell me if you got it or not so I know if I should try to send it again

  1. Save yourself 13 minutes: To make a bamboo knife, break a piece of bamboo and look for a sharp edge. Ta da!

  2. That would be a good idea for a reality TV show “naked and afraid and trying to keep Elmer alive”.

    1. +NecroBanana That wasn’t me who said that. Ignore any reply’s from this account. Also please report any such replies. Thanks.

    1. If you can’t find any good knappable stone around and can’t find any glass, this can be a good, dirty knife.

  3. on the video ..well i had no clue you could cut with bambo ….i have endless uses of it myself…guess ill try it sometime its cool

  4. For your shoulder problem go to a massage therapist and ask for some fascial tissue work (skin rolling) on your arm, back and pec. Many times that can fix major pain problems. Much cheaper, and less invasive, than getting cut open too.

  5. another good reason to make a bamboo knife is so you can conserve your proper metal knife.

    maybe use the bamboo one for smaller things, and use the metal one for something that you would REALLY need a sharp knife.

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