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My Actual Bamboo Canoe

This video is about My Bamboo Canoe Project. I Have wanted to build my own Boat for a long time now. I've been near or in the water all my life. I've pondered the possibility of an all lashed boat built using only bamboo, and cordage. I think by the end of this series, you too will wonder why Gilligan could not use this same method to escape his island? O-yeah he had Ginger on the Island, why would any of them strive for a rescue!

Here is the link to part two

here is part three,

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  1. I really like your bamboo canoe… I think the hardest part of the project was all the tying which could have been done with cable ties for a much faster job… The other problem was getting bamboo to fit together this could of been done with a hole saw on a drill…I think I would of added a keel after I put the bottom cloth… I like the bamboo floor with no bulkheads… I want to make 18′ sailing kayak used on the sea using your design with bamboo and cloth to have a light weight kayak I could paddle as well and steer with rudder … Maybe make a power fin sculling w/ foot pedal
    Power Fin, easyest sculling system for your boat.

    1. I’m doing a similar project. What test weight on the line did you use? Thank you. You did an Amazing job!

    1. I hope so man, he never answers his phone when I call either? Not sure what the scoop. Keep trying he may have lost his phone or something. I’m in Haiti and no one has Internet over there, so communication is a moe foe. Good luck you doin well? Are you on the book of face? Hit me up if so man later.

  2. Is that a Ka Bar Becker neck knife you have around your neck? I think it is. 😉 A friend gave me one as a birthday present and I have to say it’s my favorite.

  3. When you were making your bevels, just like when we fabricate tubing or pipe it so easy to just use a cylinder pit the same dia as the peice being cut or the same dis that the piece is fitted to and using a drill. Might help speed up the fitting?

    1. try some pontoons out of bamboo…u can add a deck and a hut too….read the book “Ra”…Thor Heyerdahl….he was convinced that Peru was settled by Pacific Islanders who sailed to South America in bamboo craft…he proved the theory by sailing in reverse from Peru….also made the raft the “Kon Tiki”…think you were the utuber who created rounded plant matter framing…

    2. John Rogan not an Eagle Scout, but I did spend a few years in the merchant marines, and I did have my granddads old boys out manual. I loved that book.

  4. Thank god every one I try to watch is freaking Swedish as soon as I heard your voice it was like music to my ears and your not using power tools your awesome

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