Solar Camping Survival Cooker

My Dollar Store Bug Out Bag

My Dollar Store Bug Out Bag Checklist

.Emergency Water Pouches
.portable water filter
.water bottle
.water bladder

.emergency ration bars
.MREs or freeze dried food
.cooking kit
.small stove with fuel tablets

Tools & Misc.
.multi tool
.survival knife
.fishing & sewing kit

Self Defense
.bow/cross bow
.pepper spray

Shelter & Clothing
.rain poncho
.space blanket
.one change of clothes
.tent, tube tent, or tarp
.work gloves

fire & light
.waterproof matches
.magnesium fire starter
.snap light
.hand crank flashlight & radio
.led headlamp

.moist wipes
.toilet paper
.hand sanitizer
.toothbrush & toothpaste

.signaling mirror
.duct tape
.zip ties
.first aid kit
.compass & map
.100ft paracord
.garbage bags
.dust mask or bandana

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  1. Spam singles!!! That’s like crack to a Yorkshireman it’s a good job we can’t get that in the UK. Thanks for taking the time to get all the gear to do the vid it’s nice to see what is available round the world.

    1. Bug out vehicles UK Torn Apart self sufficiency. yeah it is pretty cool I’ve been to over 36 countries it was crazy going in the shopping centers and shopping malls looking at stuff I would use in the United States

    2. Step One survival too right. I live in rip off Britain where everything is overpriced and and hand made is undervalued.

    3. Step One survival I don’t know what area you are in. But if you’re in the north Georgia area and want to do videos, I have property, Creek, shooting range with a extensive reloading room, chronographs, etcetera. Parabolic Mike, GoPros, 50 bmg’s, spas-12, toys haha, Mountain cannons, if I hadn’t got it one of my buddies do and we would set you up with whatever you need for your videos also plenty of camping area. I never charged no one for nothing just expect them to have fun and be safe! Just thought I would offer because I watched your video and you’re a family man sharing your experience knowledge and happiness. Keep doing what you love and know that you sharing who your videos make a smile!

  2. Don’t want to take up your time! But funny story!! So I was at Walmart walking around looking at all the stuff to put in my bob don’t have a lot of money but when I can I pick up little here and there!! I’m also building a boarder box so I was getting little items
    To trade with. So I passed the the stuff
    For woman. Tampons and pads so I was reading the pack to check on the way it absorbs for bleeding though this could help also for packing wounds a compress larger cuts. So I picked up some stuff and at the checkout unloading my buggy the woman behind me she said it nice to see a guy that would pick up that for his wife without missing a beat told her nope I’m single there for me. She left the line and moved to another line and the cashier was looking at me funny also. So I asked her if that was the only heavyweight pads that Walmart carried?? Trying to answer !! I told here that was fine I’ll start with those. Lol

    1. J.I.T. Prepping
      Can’t help myself sometimes when people try and read the cover before knowing anything about the inside of the book sort of speaking!! So that little voice sitting on my shoulder whispers in my ear you know you want to say it!!
      Before I know it I’m there. Lol 😂😂

    2. Jonny try the depends for older people they should work better then the super pads. You’ll just need to cut them down to the size you need !

    1. I have a pair of pet food bowls that sit in a metal stand, my idea for that is to use the stand as a pot stand and cook in the bowls or use them to eat from

  3. New rule for that Kit! You SSGBA must survive 3 night’s! With that kit first! Film the whole thing!!!

    1. Do they sell scissors and razors at the dollar store maybe you could use that to shave the disgusting beard

    1. BUSHCRAFT MZP gotta be careful of batfe lol I was warned by Facebook regarding a chat room comment “break action shotgun and Bird shot loads are still useful in crisis, cut shells”

    2. No sense of humor but it is effective tried it not long ago on a box, Was not real accurate long distance, but in a bedroom door I think they would go somewhere else for sure.

  4. Just found your channel a couple weeks ago, cool stuff man. You inspired me to maybe do a YouTube challenge or contest of sorts on my channel, maybe like a $20-$30, dollar store prepping challenge! Take care brother Semper Fi – TDP

  5. Thanks for your service Devil Dog…USN Vet here..Love the videos..Keep them coming…Take care Brother…

  6. great doller store bag cotton balls and ash never heard that one thanks im going to give it a shot cheers

  7. very cool video. you got alot of stuff for 50 bucks. you are probably in the top 2 of my favorite survival channels. keep up the awesome videos

  8. You mentioned not being able to find pepper spray at those stores;
    My wife worked in the office at an apartment complex in a not-so-nice neighborhood. Official rule was that they could not have weapons in the office, but she always kept a can of wasp and hornet spray at her desk. That will work in that capacity, with a 20-feet (give or take) spray range! The DG brand is only a few dollars.

    1. That’s a super dated urban myth. And if you have to use it, you could get yourself sick, fined, or find yourself in jail. Have fun with that.

    2. Jamie Bell where I am at in Canada they sell metal frame slingshot in some of the “dollar” stores. I think they’re like $5.00

  9. I wonder if you took the blade out of the Little hacksaw could you run a piece of cord through it to use a bow for a bowdrill fire?

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