Rethinking Doomsday

People Are Now Rethinking The Possibility Of A Doomsday …

According to a survey conducted for National Geographic Channel, nine out of ten Americans expect a [popup_product]world disaster[/popup_product] to occur in the next quarter century – but 56 percent say they aren’t prepared.  The percentage of respondents in a survey of 1,040 adults who predicted Doomsday catastrophes was astonishing.  Here’s How they think it might happen:

Significant hurricane: 58 percent

Major earthquake: 53 percent

Terrorist attack: 51 percent

Financial collapse: 49 percent

Widespread blackout: 33 percent

Pandemic: 25 percent

Nuclear fallout: 13 percent

Doomsday, 2013 or Bust

Apocalypse now Blood moon prophet explains what’s behind the doomsday Washington Post. It seems that every 15 months or so there’s a new prediction the world as we know it will come to an end as foretold by the sun the moon and the stars or some combination of the three. The latest emerged this week when the first of four blood moons Blood Moon The end is nigh again The Seattle Times.



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