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Don’t Bear Spray me Bro….

How to stop a Robbery.
Pharmacist sprays robber in face with pepper spray… meant for GRIZZLY BEARS

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  1. Pepper spray doesn’t ONLY blind you, it literally makes it nearly
    impossible to breathe if you inhale it. So he was probably hacking and
    wheezing the whole way home while his eyes were burning. 

  2. I like the label of the spray: “Not for use on humans.” Too bad it appears
    he got only indirect contact. Full contact in both eyes would have left him
    to blind to run outside.

  3. How did he run home after getting shot in the eye with bear spray? He’s
    tough, I’ll give him that.

  4. He’s lucky a gun didn’t get pointed at him, followed shortly by a bullet
    entering his chest. 

  5. Should have been bullets but bear spray works to blind someone. It makes
    stomping their teeth out much easier.

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