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FEMA Resident #20314 says:

You can dehydrate water? Is it easier and lighter to carry that way?

LOL…. Just kidding.

The Art of Prepping says:


miklospinter says:

Definitely lighter, and it hardly takes up any space.
And the best thing is, you can use any container for it, it doesn’t even have to be watertight.
I have some for sale, for only $100 I send you as much as you want. I’ll send you my account number per PM.

FSO says:

Funny nice vid

WeatherlessWorld says:

lol whats the pool shock for ?

The Art of Prepping says:

pool shock disinfects water, kills bacteria and viruses, lots of preppers store the powdered pool shock because it last infinity longer than bleach, bleach begins to break down even in concentrated forms in about 3 months, depending on your heat and light exposure bleach could be useless in as little as 6 to 9 months, thanks for watching-

WeatherlessWorld says:

ahhhh thank you : )

miklospinter says:

Good ones 😀

The Art of Prepping says:

Thanks ; )

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