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Lots of bang for the buck…


linden england says:

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needsadayjob says:

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Matthew Trujillo says:

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Alexandra Hassdenteufel says:

Follow @teFPSshow !!! YEah !! Got It !! I AM The animal from the muppet babys !!

Thomas Brito says:

he blocks people for saying certain phrases or certain things.1 thing that i find hilarious is how pissed he gets when someone refers to hims as fpsmcduck scrooge mcduck ect.

ANameOfSomeSort says:

Hey, if you haven’t already, you should follow @TheFPShow!

Ben Dover says:

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Sausage Rolls says:

FOLLOW @TheFPShow!!!!

jewsinthetoaster says:

i agree XD

Spencer Beberman says:


Anthony says:

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Michael Starr says:

FOLLOW @TheFPShow !!!!!!!!!!

Breakage says:

Follow @TheFPShow ..

Demetrios Scott says:

Follow the @TheFPShow

PAT 'N' JOE says:

wow at 5:27 you can see the shrapnel hit the cameraman!

WildeBEAST32 says:

Follow @TheFPShow or he’ll come find you

FPSRussia says:

Yeah its moving really fast, it looks like it skimmed across the grass a bit before hitting him so that probably saved him from a more serious injury.

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