SE Mini Slingshot

SE Mini Slingshot w/ Four Plastic Balls (Misc.)

SE Mini Slingshot w/ Four Plastic Balls

SE Mini Slingshot w/ Four Plastic Balls (Misc.)

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Having to be in survival mode is hard enough – so anything that makes the experience less traumatic will help you get through it. What Goes Into an Emergency Preparedness Kit for Short Term Disasters? Emergencies can be classified as either short or long term. You may deal with short-term emergencies – such as losing power for a day or having a health emergency. These usually pass fairly quickly. But when something causes a short term emergency, unless you’re prepared, you could find yourself in a bind, putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. Weather emergencies such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards are the top four causes of short term disasters that people are forced to deal with. These disasters create situations where you can end up without any lights, heat or air conditioners. Without electricity, you won’t have a way to keep your food supply from spoiling. If the disaster causes a rush on grocery store supplies, there will be empty shelves, leaving you without a way to get food.

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