Sea Eagle Inflatable Fishing Boat

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Great Bug Out or Fishing boat.  Find Bass when no one else can, packs away to

Bug Out…  

Scott MacGregor from Kayak Angler magazine walks around an inflatable fishing craft from Sea Eagle Boats with President Cecil C Hoge, Jr. If you are looking for something that is rugged, light and can pack down small for fishing small rivers and lakes check this out.

Frameless Pontoon Boat


Joe Jirak says:

i bought one of these from dicks sporting goods, great boat, cant wait to
get it out to the lake. Its extremely portable, fits in my honda accord,
get an electric pump tho, saves time and effort :)

Carl001M says:

Thanks Cecil, It looks great ,I just ordered one :)

lonbites says:

I want this boat for saltwater fishing, will it work…i don’t want the
waves to eat me? Also, does it puncture easily ? what kind of trolling
motor will i need if i used it for saltwater?

Mike Cannonie says:

Better get something bigger.

C moore says:

I bought the first generation and it had some problems. They have addressed
most of them, but not all. The original had a different method of attaching
the seat that was a pain in the butt. The oars were mounted too low. I see
they have extended them but they have also changed the seat mounting system
so it might still not work properly. The two main problems you will have
are that it is a terrible job folding the boat so it will go back into the
pouch. You will be better off. throwing it in the back of your pickup or
van (forget about a car trunk if you have anything else in there. Leave it
deflated and hang it in the garage. The big problem is it is too small. It
is 14″ wide on the inside and approximately 3 feet long. I am talking
usable space. I have a trolling motor and a small lawn tractor sized deep
cycle battery behind the seat. About 18″ in front of the seat there is a
2X4 with a locator mounted and a trolling motor transducer. If you are not
a serious fisherman and have a fishing rod and a few lures, this will be
fine, but if you are serious and have a box of crank baits, a bag of
spinnerbaits, a gallon bag full of quart sized plastic sandwich bags filled
with soft plastics and jigs,(this about 5% of what you would take fishing
in a real boat) and a minimum ov one rod for the crank baits and topwater
boats, one with enough backbone to fish plastic worms, and a spinning
outfit for your light baits, (believe me, this is hardly any tackle. Then
you find a place for a tiny cooler to put a couple cans of cold drinks and
a couple small bottles of water, it is overflowing. The bags that come with
it are not for tackle. They will hold a patch kit, some sun screen, a small
first aid kit, and a small hand pump. You still have no live well. Your
option is a stringer hanging off the side for turtles and snakes to eat.
The boat need to be a minimum of 2 feet longer. I have told them this over
and over, but until people use one, they believe sea eagle’s ads more than
a real world user. I gave about $700 for mine, another 25 for a small
anchor, $125 for a locator, $75 for a battery, and $99 for the same
trolling motor they want $150 for at Bass Pro Shop here. It is the same
price everywhere, though. Personally, I would either take $500 and buy a
peddle boat or $799 and buy a Pelican 2 man bass boat. I am thinking about
doing a video and showing people how much work it really is in 95 degree
heat assembling it and disassembling it.

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