SGE 400/3 review, again

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By popular request, another look at the most comfortable gas mask I know of.


Raz Fiasco says:

Wtf…who sleeps with a gas mask on…?

Raz Fiasco says:

+paul19781105 “Contaminated areas” such as your own home?-.-

Partisan Black says:

+Raz Fiasco So contradictory to your original reply to my post by your own words. 

MrChalupaMonkey says:

what kinda filters is on your mask?

BlackWater SF says:

Why would u sleep with a gas mask and if u had to have it on for more then 24 hrs then Idk think ud be able to put the eye pellow

Preston Matson says:

i cant find the hose anywhere!! please help!

qwertopchicken says:

best place to get filters and drinking hose?

Wolfy says:

Do you know is the goggle ANSI z87.1 rated or does it have USDOD Ballistic Fragment (shrapnel) protection certification?

arman sesar says:

have you tried the msa millennium? if so, which one would you recommend?

Chris D'oulmeth says:

He sleeps with it every night, that should tell you something!

He also says in the video that this is his favorite modern mask. 

Turner Distributors says:

Can you run it with just one canister? and is there a cap to cap off the side you are not using?

Dnice Johnson says:

Hey where did you get the filter from

OlemVolle says:

Where can this be purchased?  Would be super nice to have! Thanks for the review 🙂

Alex says:


Bishop says:

Pretty sure you’re trolling, but a dual filter means you get double the time with the filters.

gunraptor says:

Actually, i doubt he was trolling. I didn’t know that either. I was always trained with one filter for tactical use.

Arch Dornan says:

gunraptor Isn’t it more practical when using a gun?

Drew Furgeson says:

Dual filter looks sweg

Christian Dajoh says:

why you didn’t put it on!?

Kian Something says:


Nathan says:

If your in a situation that you need to use it why risk taking of to put a pillow in your eye piece? If its needed not take of your mask

Ron Diskin says:

You can get these brand new on amazon for an amazing price:

merrill coleman says:

Ron Diskin I used the link and I see it’s sold by Diskin. I just purchased two of them. Where can I buy the drinking tube for these or do you sell them too?

Logan LaChance says:

Ron Diskin hook me up with a promotional code for Amazon?

dat boii says:

where can you get one of these?

dat boii says:

i will subscribe if you tell me i need this thing. I forgot to add a gas mask to my survival kit.

Svjetlana Valentić says:

Please, can you tell me what is the size of the smallest particle this mask can filter? Thank you.

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