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By popular request, another look at the most comfortable gas mask I know of.

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  1. Why would u sleep with a gas mask and if u had to have it on for more then 24 hrs then Idk think ud be able to put the eye pellow

  2. Do you know is the goggle ANSI z87.1 rated or does it have USDOD Ballistic Fragment (shrapnel) protection certification?

    1. He sleeps with it every night, that should tell you something!

      He also says in the video that this is his favorite modern mask. 

  3. Can you run it with just one canister? and is there a cap to cap off the side you are not using?

    1. Pretty sure you’re trolling, but a dual filter means you get double the time with the filters.

    2. Actually, i doubt he was trolling. I didn’t know that either. I was always trained with one filter for tactical use.

  4. If your in a situation that you need to use it why risk taking of to put a pillow in your eye piece? If its needed not take of your mask

    1. Ron Diskin I used the link and I see it’s sold by Diskin. I just purchased two of them. Where can I buy the drinking tube for these or do you sell them too?

  5. i will subscribe if you tell me i need this thing. I forgot to add a gas mask to my survival kit.

  6. Please, can you tell me what is the size of the smallest particle this mask can filter? Thank you.

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