Shotgun Pistol

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a shotgun that was the size of a pistol…….wait they already exist???? Well we should try it out. 🙂

Shotshells for use in handguns have long been made by loading handgun cartridges with shot rather than single bullets; they are commonly called “snake shot” or “rat shot” indicating their main use for pest control. Standard rifling designed to stabilize bullets scatters shot limiting its effectiveness to very short range.


Koopakid917543 says:

“Do you eat out of this…?”
Gets me every time

HammerTime says:

Koopakid917543 I know it does

Zack Peterson says:

“bigger is always better” lololol

Faris Arrazi says:

that’s what she said

VintageMinicio says:

no its how u use it

mr anonymous says:

Zack Peterson are you joking me?

trendy cody Poss says:

well u faggets talk about size. id like to ask you can u please shoot cooter in the face?

SoylentGamer says:

.50 BMG Shotshells should exist.

SoylentGamer says:

+Leiines Kaufmann my comment was a joke.

That Shooting Guy says:

SoylentGamer well, a 12 gauge 3.5″ is very similar in size.

Ê-Böògîë Žåÿ says:

SoylentGamer je

SoylentGamer says:

+That Shooting Guy but there’s less powder behind it.

Hadrosaur Hero says:

There’s probably some form of it somewhere.

Michael Kevin Millet says:

Gosh, why don’t I live in America xD

Daniel Velez says:

Michael Kevin Millet you don’t want to trust me loool

Just A Bear says:

Michael Kevin Millet No idea man

donkeypuncher46 says:

Michael Kevin Millet I love living in the USA

Omar Magdy says:

i love my country “egypt” but sometimes i wish i was American !
for example i love paintball but it is so freakin expensive here and it is illegal to buy markers for your self !
same about gun ranges !

Elliott Kenny says:

Kill Creepy Kuda for 3,000,000 subs?

Robert Jacob says:

Kuda?thats just not how you spell that

Elliott Kenny says:

i know i realised it was cooter, my bad

ilija cvjetkovic says:

You can use that small ammo for killing fly’s xD

Maria Delgado says:

ilija cvjetkovic soooo truuuee

Lenny Face says:

“shotgun pistol?”
*has BO2 Executioner flashbacks*
“oh god no please no”

Engi Main says:

Lenny Face i know how you feel

Model Magician says:

50cal shot gun round is needed

Evolved Amateur RC says:

gotta say, decent acting

Fox says:

Are the first ones lethal?

Keith Tucker says:

44mag vs 44lc. ugh. my friend just bought a judge. lol he’s gonna be so mad.

Plasma Channel says:

This is now our favorite episode. Creepy Cooter can stay with us any day we wants

Mike G says:

If we’re ever invaded by balloons, we have the ultimate weapon

TheSpaceDuck says:

When u have no Friends xD

Owen fairbanks says:

Add a public comment…

Owen fairbanks says:

Star Wars reference… NOOOOOOO!

NEPA Outdoors says:

Terrible home defense option.

Aaron Luna says:

That creepy cooter thing was actually creepy. Like some crazy guy with guns moving a mannequin around his house and making it talk and in his head it talks back

Kodak White says:

Hey dude ask creepy cooter to be my bf bcuz hes obviously gay and im bi and i cant say no to dat

Rd Williams says:

It’s called the judge!!!

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