SHTF/Survival Shotgun: Mossberg 500

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My thoughts on the versatile shotgun Versatile Rack Gun Rack Rifle/Shotgun Rack, Portable, black New Price: $107.96 Old Price: $108.92You Save: $0.96 (as of 04/20/2018 01:12 UTC) as a survival firearm.  I love my 12 ga pump, on the cheap, shotgun.  Forget a high powered assault rifle you have to AIM – blast as you go!



GunznGear says:

Without Rule Of Law

maddog7999 says:

WROL??? what is that?

GunznGear says:

Glad you enjoyed it!

olds98123 says:

Excellent video ! Thanks 4 sharing.

GunznGear says:

It is true that you can never have enough

ninjadan02 says:

You should get more ammunition.

GunznGear says:

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks

GunznGear says:

I got mine from Mossberg. Sorry, but I don’t know the firearm restrictions in Canada

cuntbollockswank says:

I must have missed this video. Just stumbled across it. Good stuff man, I’m envious of your camp freedom!

HisStigness1 says:

where the hell did you get this barrel??? can i get it in canada? 😛

GunznGear says:

They are good solid shotguns! Thanks

Mike Williams says:

Nice video I to have a 500 with a 18.5 barrel, good home defence.

dboyry says:

where do you poop at that camp site? Also, I hope you brought a sufficient amount of marijuana along whilst camping.

GunznGear says:

Rem 1100 has been a good shotgun for a very long time! Thanks

James Mustang says:

I like the hat. Mine is a Snowy River of similar design. And we both have a fumanchu. And we have similar ideas on the versatility of a shotgun. Only mine is a 12 ga. Rem 1100 autoloader with extended mag. 

GunznGear says:

Aren’t you cleverrrrrr! LOL

Blk05titan26 says:

hmmmmmm kkkk…

GunznGear says:

I agree, thanks

bs431980 says:

Nice shotgun cool barrel and quality from mossberg = tuff ass gun

GunznGear says:

If he is, then his hide should make a nice rug! LOL

thesourkroutkid says:

He’s long winded

MsStanleycat says:

Sasquatch is real !!

GunznGear says:

I’m glad you found it useful

MrBRCincy says:

Thanks for the video. It really helped me to fine tune my approach to WROL/SHTF. Great video!

GunznGear says:


carbineZDH1 says:

ok I wont as long as you don’t tell mine

GunznGear says:

It’s actually attached to the barrel ring that connects to the magazine tube. That ring has a threaded hole to accept a sling swivel stud..

Parrott63 says:

How did you get that sling swivel on your magazine tube?

GunznGear says:

Thanks, I appreciate it

GrubSlayer says:

Thanks for showing that good prep, and good attitude can work well together. Nice video.

GunznGear says:

The shotgun started out as a standard model 500A. I added the barrel, and it’s actually a 20″ vent rib, and it is still available the last time I did a google search. The forarm is a Hoge, and the rear stock is a Knoxx stock, who is part of Blackhawk now.

chuckdickson says:

I really like your setup. What exact model 500 do you have and did you have to purchase the barrel separate. I did not see the 21” barrel on the Mossberg website.

GunznGear says:

It is a 12ga

kkalston1 says:

what gauge

GunznGear says:

Yes, but don’t tell my wife

carbineZDH1 says:

do you sleep with the shot gun at night

GunznGear says:

The Mossbergs that I own have been great guns also.

Snakedoctorjw says:

I love my mossberg 2,000 shots no issue! I have the 500, 18.5, 7+1. Im running an ATI 6 point pistol grip on the shortest setting just because I love the short length of pull. I bought the Houge overmold 12 L.O.P. and it is almost 4 inches longer than where I run my 6 point. I think it would make it more of a multi platform set up!

Thebullet9901 says:

you wouldn’t be able to put enough rounds down range, and you have to reload very quickly. pump works best because it’s not picky with ammo, you can put down enough firepower, and it’s reliable enough. chances are you wouldn’t need a shotgun though. .22 is LETHAL, it’s lightweight and small and it’s versatile. 12 gauge is too heavy. carry a 5.56 or a .223 battle rifle just so you can kill the survivors that wear kevlar. Why battle rifle? versatility between sniper and semi auto rifle.

GunznGear says:

I like my 870’s but there’s nothing wrong w/ Mossbergs. I’ve had this Mossberg 500 since the late 80’s, and I haven’t had any issues with this one or the others that I own. I also have a Mossberg 590 Mariner that’s just as old that has been nothing short of 100% reliable, even through training courses that fire over 500 shells in a 3 day period.

Kim Heslep says:

I’ve had 2 mossbergs and both pump 500’s and they both was crap. Ejected the loaded rd out of the bottom when you needed it to work it wouldn’t… If you haven’t shot it much you might want too. I know go with Remington 870 for all my shotgun needs… Good Luck…

GunznGear says:

I like single shots and double barrel shotguns just fine. I am sure that this pump action shotgun shoots all orts of ammo.

ziggarow says:

Are you sure the pump action eats (works with) all sorts of cartridges? I am not. But the double barrel break action does. Only the double barrel can be supposed a SHTF shotgun

GunznGear says:

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks

Polarbear112003 says:

Great video again, I have learned a lot ! Thank you for posting this.

GunznGear says:

My single shot .410 has sent a many a cottonmouth and rattler to the after life.  Thanks

bqr1995 says:

Cool vid I live in low country south carolina we got water mocccasins but the worst are timber rattlers we kill em with 410s all the time

GunznGear says:

It would make it a little challenging to continue to post vids! LOL

stingram says:


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