Solar Stirling Plant

Solar Stirling Plant – DIY Off-Grid Power

What is a Solar Stirling Plant

A New Do it Yourself Method Of Generating Free Energy.

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Introducing the solar Stirling plant.  The most powerful way to generate free electricity is now out in the open and the big utility companies hate it.

Imagine lowering your monthly electric bills by 30 40 50 percent or more Better still how about the electric companies sending you a check – instead of a bill.  It could happen with the revolutionary solar Stirling plant.

This mind-blowing Technology uses a state of the art solar panel design that generates more than 12 times the power of regular solar panels in a lot less space and for a lot less money and the big power companies are scrambling to keep this quiet but us crafty Preppers can see the advantages.

It’s inexpensive to build you could start generating electricity for less than $100 in materials.

It’s easy to build you don’t need to be a do-it-yourself genius with a shop full of tools and your solar Stirling plant will save you money on your electric bill from day one and give you peace of mind in an emergency power outage scenario. The above video explains how it works –  the Stirling engine a technology that could revolutionize the way electrical power can be made.

Back in the late 1800s a Scottish minister Dr. Robert Stirling originally came up with the concept as an alternative for steam engines here’s how it works.  An Array of parabolic dishes focused the sun’s rays on the Stirling engine which acts as the conversion unit, the Stirling engine is a very simple elegant and efficient system that takes this intense heat from the sun and heats a gas, in this case, we’re using hydrogen as the working gas and when you heat the gas it expands which pushes the piston down which causes the crankshaft to turn a generator.  By alternately heating and then cooling the gas the Stirling engine generates electricity with incredible efficiency.  The solar sterling plant harnesses the power of the sun producing free off the grid, renewable energy.

This is a new method of generating free energy utilizing a classic centuries-old technology. We’ve researched the solar Sterling plant for years –  it uses a simple yet efficient design that everybody can operate and now we’re making it available to the Prepper public for the first time ever and – yes – you can do it yourself!

It uses parabolic reflector dishes to gather the sun’s rays which are then focused and concentrated into one single spot where the Stirling engine is mounted.  The high temperatures of the focused sunlight make the engine rotate at extreme RPMs generating a massive amount of power.

The output is unmatched by other alternative energy devices like solar panels or wind turbines. While traditional solar panels attempt to gather sunlight over a large scattered surface the concentrated rays of the solar Stirling plant generate twelve times the energy and is cheaper and easier to build, no cost to operate, and far superior to regular solar panels.

Your free off the grid electricity can make you independent from those greedy power companies in only days with the solar Stirling plant.

The demand for electricity is never-ending and essential.  Fortunately, there is now a real alternative that allows you to generate your own electricity by harnessing the power of the sun.

The solar sterling plant works in all weather conditions regardless of the temperature it generates electricity even when it’s cloudy, on a small scale it will reduce your electric bill up to 50 percent.  On a Larger scale, it will eliminate your bill completely and even have the power company paying you for electricity.  It runs quietly and is hard for the bad guys to detect that you have power.

The system is easy to build, even a person with zero technical knowledge can do it.  No special tools are needed and the materials can be found anywhere in the world.

The total cost of the materials averages less than $100.  The instructions are simple and easy to follow steps everyone will be able to do. The how-to pictures and diagrams make the building process quick and easy.  I’m not a do-it-yourselfer and this system was pretty easy to build I just followed the instructions and because there are a lot of pictures showing you what to do, I managed to build it in only one weekend.

I’ve constructed only one dish and it’s producing seven times more electricity than my previous PV system.

Order today at the low discounted price and you’ll be able to instantly download the illustrated detailed instructions and get started right away.

You’ll get full technical support – if For any reason you get stuck or have questions.

Overpriced solar panels can take years to pay for themselves while your solar Stirling plant can pay for itself and start saving you money within weeks.

Generating up to 12 times more energy than solar panels. You can build it yourself for a fraction of what they’re charging for their inferior solar panels and installation.

Yes, it’s very possible to completely eliminate your power bill with multiple solar Stirling plant units and any surplus electricity generated can go back to the grid and when that happens the power company pays you for the energy you send back to the grid, you get a check from them, not a bill.

You won’t find a better price or a better guide to lowering your electric bill or even going completely off-grid anywhere.

Check out the Solar Stirling Power Solution

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