Survival Shelters with Bamboo

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Survival fishing rod challenge(fishing with bamboo!!)

Gonna be doing the bamboo rod survival
fishing challenge. let’s go.
So the rod I’m going to be using this my grandpa’s
old cane pole it’s about twelve feet
long all I had to do is tie line to it
put on a small hook and I’m just gonna
put a piece of bread on it see if I can
catch any fish with it.
Just a little bluegill but you but the rod does work
see if we can get some more oh my gosh that’s got to be the smallest
fish I’ve ever caught look at that little blue.
There we go a little bit better still not what I’m looking for.
I hate they were all small but I caught some on the bamboo rod you can say I completed a survival challenge.
I caught probably about a dozen bluegill
and none of them were any big at all.


Useful techniques for making shelters out of bamboo.


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