Survivalists – The New Normal?


Will You Survive?

Back in the 1800s, people prepared all summer for the tough winters ahead.  Food was stored where it would keep during the cold months.  Food for livestock was also stored well in advance.  No one thought of these people as weird. They were simply being smart and trying to survive.

Though it shouldn’t, most of our impressions of people and situations today come from television.  We’ve all seen those interviews on doomsday reality TV shows where the camera is in the face of a wild-eyed individual who’s spouting some pretty weird things as he talks about survivalist planning.

Those doomsday shows deliberately seek out whatever will cause a sensation – because television is all about the ratings. Normal people don’t drive up ratings.
Because of this slanted type of television, most survivalists get a bad rap.

Of course, once something is on television, print media dutifully follows that same line of slanted reporting and newspapers and online articles crop up full of negativity about survivalists.

Survivalists are citizens who want to be prepared.  These are people who are determined that their families aren’t going to do without survival necessities during a time of crisis.

A survivalist isn’t someone who believes that the world is on the edge of destruction.  Rather, a survivalist is a smart individual who knows that disasters happen.

Nature has proven time and again how unpredictable it can be.  A survivalist knows the best way to respect that unpredictability is to be prepared. Natural disasters aren’t the only reason that you need to be prepared to be self-reliant.

Look at what happened in Greece.  The government decided that the citizens were going to be their backup bailout plan for the country’s debt. Once a plan was announced that the government was going to take 10% of the citizens’ bank funds, panic and protests ensued.

There was a mad run on the ATMs as people scrambled to pull their money out. Because of the surge of withdrawals, the ATMs ran out of money.  Many people considered this move an illegal government confiscation of private funds.

The crisis reached the stage where the government closed banks temporarily to keep people from taking out all their money.  Does the government have that kind of control?

Do they have that kind of authority?  Yes. The same situation that happened in Greece could happen anywhere – and you don’t want to be caught off guard – especially if you’re a parent.

A survivalist hopes that a personal, natural or government disaster won’t happen, but takes the proper steps to be able to survive in case it does.

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