Doomsday Preppers

Dollar Store Bug Out Bag (DSBOB)

My Dollar Store Bug Out Bag

Water .Emergency Water Pouches .portable water filter .water bottle .water bladder Food .emergency ration bars .MREs or freeze dried food .cooking kit .small stove with fuel tablets Tools & Misc. .multi tool .survival knife .fishing & sewing kit .axe/hatchet .saw .sharpener Self Defense .gun .bow/cross bow .ammunitions .pepper spray Shelter & Clothing .rain poncho .space […]

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$65 Thousand Doomsday Bunker

CNN’s Gary Tuchman takes a tour of a remote bunker a Utah man has prepared for the end of the world. Backyard Bunker/Fallout Shelter Build Your Own Backyard Doomsday Bunker/Fallout Shelter Survival Preppers Doomsday Survival Checklist: Prepare Professional Survival & First Aid Kits for Your Home, Bunker, Auto, Work, and Bug-Out Bag Doomsday Bunker Book: […]

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Bodybuilder VS Pepper Spray

In this episode of Bodybuilder VS I face off against police strength pepper spray! As expected I fail almost immediately at this crazy pepper spray challenge. Don’t try this at home – unless you’re really DRUNK… Pepper spray (also known as capsicum spray) is a lachrymatory agent (a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, […]

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Prepper Humor - The Art of Prepping

Prepper Humor – The Art of Prepping

Doomsday Preppers On Underground Bunkers

Hilarious Doomsday Prepper: "We're psycho"

Hilarious Doomsday Prepper: “We’re psycho”

I guess they are trying to say they can take care of themselves! Doomsday Preppers Jokes to Live by…

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5 Survival Gadgets You Should Have

Extreme Preparers (Doomsday Preppers Parody)

This Shit's For Real - Doomsday Preppers

This Shit’s For Real – Doomsday Preppers

This Shit’s For Real is a series where some of the funniest comedians from the Upright Citizens Brigade chat about your favorite reality TV. SUBSCRIBE: Check out more This Shit’s For Real: Host Danielle Schneider Guests Steve Agee Andy Daly Jamie Denbo Brought to you by UCB Comedy.

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8 Steps to Survival with Ken Lewis - Personal Preparedness Expert - Survivalist - Urban Survival

8 Steps to Survival


Apocalypse Preppers

The countdown to the end of the world has begun. That’s what Apocalypse Preppers believe. Until now, they have been dismissed as cranks and crazies, but what if those preppers are right? A growing body of scientists Americans that feel so alarmed about what they sense is on the horizon that they are taking extreme […]

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