Gift of Fear

The Gift of Fear (Kindle Edition)

The Gift of Fear

The Gift of Fear (Kindle Edition)
By Gavin de Becker

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While there are many tools available that offer to help ensure survival, there are five top gadgets that no one should be without. These are all items that contribute to your safety and need for food, water and shelter. These are gadgets that will make your experience in survival mode easier. A solar powered charger for your cell phone and radio will help ensure that you can call for help if you need to. There are gadgets available that are a 3 in 1. This means you can charge your cell phone, have a radio and a flashlight all contained one easy to carry gadget. Portable solar cookers are great gadgets to have. They set up anywhere and provide a method for you to cook on and boil water for clean supplies in an instant. You can use this at home too when the power’s gone out. A good UV water purification tool – which looks like a wand and purifies your water in just under a minute – can help you achieve safe drinking water in a flash. No more pills to buy, just let these gadgets do their work.

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