The Gun that Can Do it ALL!

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The gun you choose for self-defense will be different from the gun you choose for perimeter protection.

Handguns are more convenient, can fit in a purse or waist holster, and are much easier to conceal. On the other hand, rifles might be the better choice for defending your home, when you may need to shoot an attacker from a distance. And even within these two categories, there are hundreds of different calibers, brands, and types of guns to choose from. I say let The Judge handle it ALL…
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The Taurus judge chambered in .45LC AND it can shoot .410 shotgun shells!!!!!



ZNA Productions says:

I think you’re hip, Matt.

Balazs Varga says:

ZNA Productions I think you tried to say hype not hip

Jacob Keary says:

ZNA Productions luv you 🅱️

Dr. COD gaming says:

ZNA Productions lol

CrossWolftheEnd says:

I just fangirled. I’m a big burly dude and I just fangirled.

grant ashe says:

ZNA Productions almost as hip as you eli

Alan Eduardo says:

Taurus is a Brazilian company. But unfortunately we can’t have guns and protect ourselves in Brazil…

Ziphur says:

Same in Canada… Mercia gets all the fun

Alan Eduardo says:

All thanks to leftist governments

One Armed Citizen says:

That’s spelled  ‘MERICA!!!!!!

HonorB 4Glory says:

If it’s legal in Brazil, carry a shortsword. I carry a short Japanese shirasaya chokuto. With a 13 inch blade, It’s small enough to carry in a messenger bag with just the handle sticking out. The shirasaya style looks like a solid piece of wood, so it goes relatively unnoticed. It’s got a straight blade with a single edge, so you can use the blunt side and it still handles the same, so you can break limbs or sever them, or stab right through a torso, depending on the level of violence required. If you’re too far away to engage, just run. If you can’t escape, use cover to set up a counter ambush. If none of that works, you can still function for about 30 seconds after being shot in the heart, so you can at least take them with you.

Tanase Bogdan says:

How much cheese do you need to stop a 50 BMG ?

Spencer Tracks says:

7… just 7

Tom Tang says:

you pick the wrong cheese fool

like if you get this meme

ViperishCat 81 says:

Over 9,000 meters

Blood Mutt says:

Planning on making cheese body armor?

Cameron Massie says:

All the cheese

Alex Nelson says:

Judging (no pun intended) by the watermelons, you’re the kind of person we read about in math problems.

·.· ·.· says:

that reminds me he should see how much pizza slices he can shoot through xD

Afrodude says:

Alex Nelson don’t get it

ReikoChannel says:


H McBride says:

Alex Nelson there is one

Mike Northrop says:

I was thinking of the executioner from Black ops 2 the whole time

Hunter Davis says:

Mike Northrop same

Alyssa Patton says:

Mike Northrop AS WAS I :O

N3rd2The3rd 1 says:

Mike Northrop that’s 28 guage

N3rd2The3rd 1 says:

The judge

tormentedgaming says:

the judge from payday ;p

Col. Cotton Hill says:

I can’t believe they just made me watch an ad for scientology. wtf youtube?

Col. Cotton Hill says:

stripervince1 nope it is my name. It is a very common armenian surname. and I wasn’t shocked so much as I was bewildered. you’re not a scientologist are you ?

stripervince1 says:

just your average agnostic atheist

Nick Behrens says:

I got a gun ad lmao

Zach Mortimer says:

All we need now is a 50 BMG pistol

LOL_ N0VA says:

Zach Mortimer if you want to lose your hand then go straight ahead

Connor Clark says:

Zach Mortimer that would be awesome but crazy at the same time 🤔😉

TheDragonFurious says:

Magic Baguette .50 BMG has a longer bullet and a much larger casing. And it’s a rifle round whereas a .50 AE is a pistol round, has a more flat bullet and a shorter casing.

Alyssa Patton says:

Zach Mortimer agreed

SkyDiamondRed Nerf guns says:

It would break your arm

Shadeslayer says:

I come from the future for those of you who haven’t seen his newest vid. Well ummm… Those glasses get destroyed by a tank

Emergency Gamer says:

sup boi bcause the only way for a america f*** yeah glasses do break is being hit by a tank…

Mathieu Forsythe says:

sup boi more like sploiler boi

countryboy gaming says:

Raptor Jesus RIP glasses

Waffle Man says:

(intense future predictioning) i predict you will leave those green glasses in your truck and accidentaly shoot them with a tank

Drew Goretti says:

And they will survive

Raymers IDK says:

Wasn’t even does glasses😂

Joohga Loohga says:

Waffle Man robertson what is this witchcraft

Brayden Patrick says:

Waffle Man robertson lol that alreddy happend

RedPanda says:

AJ Gaming stop ruining jokes m8

Cameron McCoy says:

You should read the book series “Hatchet”

Rabbit King says:

that was my favorite book in elementary school

Cringe. says:

I loved that book in 4th grade

Scot Freeman says:

Actually there’s 5 books

maddie Scott says:

That is a good book

N3rd2The3rd 1 says:

Who hasn’t

CJ says:

5:32 Disclaimer, glasses will not withstand a cannon blast from a tank.

Archie Perry says:

5:30, those glasses were recently destroyed by a tank round…

Koby Andersen says:

Archie Perry spoiler much (sarcasm)

Saksham Ak47 says:

Nothing can change what Mere wants!

Elektroid says:


Ceej Scar says:

Elektroid u meen skeet shooting a clay bird

sassimi_ says:

I feel bad for the person who might try to rob him one day.

blayden mulchi says:

sassimi_ yep

Getoutthere Trump says:

sassimi_ I dont.

Tide Pod says:

That Guy I doubt you have either, they should’ve stayed In school. Or got some sort of job. Not hard.

violentolive88 says:

guns are awesome like if you agree

Sqiggly lines says:

Meyer: Matt, Have you seen my favorite plates?
Matt: uh, no.. * giggles *

Tushar Soni Feats says:

Lol, Fps Russia

goofyextremecharlie says:

This man is the last guy on a robbers list of people to rob

cool gamer56 says:

goofyextremecharlie no hickock

Jimmy Torrez says:

He ain’t even on the list

James Ogletree says:

Owning guns does that xD

Michael Sorono says:

goofyextremecharlie No Nicholas

Duane -_- says:

Dont even put him on the list

noobslayer 2123 says:

when you need to shoot a guard and answer the pager

George West says:

noobslayer 2123 payday I see
I dont think that a revolver can be suppressed


+George West
Except for the Nagant revolver

Assassin Flag78 says:

“It shots shotguns” 🤣

Alpora7777 says:

“This is a family channel”
*Pulls out guns*

Corked Plaladin25 says:

Alpora7777 but funny as hell

Sam Jackson says:

Alpora7777 guns are family freindly they protect them

Saksham Ak47 says:

Ffs guys he was joking

Sam Jackson says:

ok sorry i meant it in a sarcastic way

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