You’ll Shoot Your Thumb Off

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He DID it! – 

Tim Shoots His Thumb Off on ‘Doomsday Preppers’ Shooting “accident” on firing range.

We recommend that everyone – regardless of intent to own a firearm or not – take a gun safety class. These are readily available and usually run 2-3 hours. Participants can expect to learn how to handle firearms, determine if they are loaded, and how to make them safe, among other skills.

If firearm safety rules and guidelines are important for non-gun owners, they are even more so for gun owners. Because there is no competency test in order purchase a firearm, it is up to the gun owner to ensure a good working knowledge of their firearm and how to use it. Taking a class, again, is highly recommended.



NoahSaintJames says:

@ 0:44
“It was one of those malfunctions where my thumb went in front of the barrel.” XD

Dustin Ellermann says:

lol “brain malfunction”

ALS says:

That was probably the dumbest thing i have ever heard. You fucked up, just own it and move on. Lol miss fire blew my thumb off (facepalm)

Rob S says:

I thought you might have been joking until I heard him actually say it…

oziumzx says:

*+Rob M* Putting your thumb in front of the barrel isn’t a firearm malfunction, it’s due to a defective shooter.

Rob M says:

+oziumzx it was a joke obviously

Scott Kuchciak says:

“Damn thing misfired on it” and he passes out while It looks like his kids are trying not to laugh at him. The best prepping this guy did was buying the 22 instead of a twelve gauge.

Joe Sommers says:

Scott Kuchciak that’s good.

honorbound12 says:

Putting your thumb in front of the gun barrel isn’t a malfunction that’s called being a fucking idiot

Nik Coffman says:

The dreaded “Thumb in front of barrel” malfunction. Have we learned nothing from cartoons

me not you says:

Malfunction of the brain.

david hanita says:

lol looked like he was about to die because he hurt his thumb

cheeki breeki says:

guns make it way easier for smart people to have little accidents with big consequences

Gilbert McGillicutty says:

“Just one of those things that happen ya know, i just pulled the trigger with my hand in front of the gun and it miraculously hit me in the hand.”

Shawn L says:

That’s why cake butt dudes like you, shouldn’t own weapons. The ole “thumb in front of the barrel” scenario. I’m sure there is a warning for that in every doomsday prep manual. Second only too, how to avoid botulism.

Jason Rhodes says:

I think they are taking sweeps week a little too far.

James Kang says:


Devin Tariel says:

It was a squib thumb

Brandon k says:

i remember this episode. lol

Hoodiefoodie says:

HA prepper my asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS dont be a dumbass when handling a gun, oh well he aint shooting ever again

Valhalla MMA says:

this guy wouldnt last a second in ANY doomsday scenario

lmdetect says:

Misfire? I’m guessing he knows now not to misfire his gun with his thumb in front of it. Lol

Devin Stambolziovski says:

This guy doesn’t deserve to own guns. If you are really that fucking stupid that you put your damn thumb in front of the barrel of a gun that you are going to shoot then you need to immediately have all your guns taken from you. You make responsible gun owners look fucking stupid.

Captain Win says:

Haha, Americans are dicks.

Gary Smith says:

Thank you for making me more aware of safety even though this is embarrassing for U. God bless you.

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