What Price For Peace of Mind

natural_disasters_640_29There have been several snowstorms that have gone down in history as being pretty severe.  One hit Chicago in 2011 that dumped over 20 inches of snow in certain areas of the city.

When that storm hit, electricity went out, business shut down and a lot of people ended up stuck in their cars, unable to go anywhere.  That was a major snowstorm.

However, even in less severe snowstorms, people rush the grocery store (much like the people rushed the ATMs in Greece) and the shelves are emptied of all of the basic necessities and even empty of the not so basic necessities.

Why?  Because disasters and threats of disasters create panic in people.  Now imagine what would happen in the event of a real disaster. If a simple snowstorm can create panic and a rush on the stores, what would happen if the government had a breakdown?

Or another hurricane the size of Katrina hit?  You can bet that utter chaos would take over and that getting even the basic supplies would be difficult.  You don’t want to be in that predicament.

If you’re already prepared, you won’t have to deal with that kind of stress and fear. By stocking what you need well in advance of the event, you’ll have the food you need on hand to feed yourself, your family members and any family pets or livestock.

Getting ready for natural or man-made disasters means that when the water supply you’re used to having is cut off, you’ll still be okay because you’ll have your own supply of water.

Even if the electricity shuts off, you’ll be prepared by having solar powered devices, oil lamps and long lasting flashlights. While everyone else is in the dark, your family will be less scared and more comforted.

When disasters hit, schools often shut down – and if the disaster is big enough, you won’t have any idea about when the school will be back up and running.  By having educational supplies, your children will still be able to keep up with their studies.

Protecting yourself can also go a long way to giving you peace of mind.  Whenever there’s a disaster of any kind, a period of lawlessness occurs as people begin looting.  Sometimes, that taking of others’ belongings can turn violent.

When disasters happen, the law of the city is also affected.  Response time from the police can be delayed or in some cases, not answered at all.  You want to make sure that you have the means and the knowledge to prevent anyone from harming your family during the time of crisis.

Remember that preparing ahead of time in all areas of survivalist planning puts you on the offensive, which is always a better position to be in than defense.  Don’t worry about what other people think – just take this on as a method for keeping your family safe and prepared in the future.

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