Will Zombies Steal My Freeze Dried Food?

Be Sure to Avoid Zombie Kittens…

Today, many people throughout the world feel we are living in the most uncertain, perilous times of our lifetime. On FoxNews & CNN you hear every day about horrible disasters happening all over the world:zombie cat

–Snow and ice storms
–Nuclear fallout fears
–Terrorist attacks
–High Unemployment globally
–Banks collapsing worldwide
–Record high number of home foreclosures  increasing homelessness
–Unprecedented collapses of entire Countries’ economies

And now on Sunday nights Walking Dead we’ve seen how those nasty ugly Zombies are coming!

News of all this worldwide horror has slammed the real urgency of preparing for our very survival crashing to the top of our worry list!

Sensible people from all walks of life are hurriedly stocking food and survival supplies, getting ready to face an uncertain future studying websites, new products, stores, and TV shows about getting prepared for any preparing for a future doomsday scenario.

So, what are we gonna eat?

At the top of the survival list is always FOOD to be safely stored indefinitely.  The best food products are freeze dried, canned, and dehydrated,  with various shelf life, texture, flavor, nutrition, and convenience.  Purchased freeze dried and dehydrated foods today taste pretty good; and they’re convenient for camping, hunting, fishing–fun leisure pursuits.

Dehydrated and freeze dried foods are often preferred over home canning for ease of traveling–they’re lightweight, compact, affordable–bought prepared and packaged.  Canning takes time, skills, or courage in my case.  I would like to learn how to use a pressure cooker to can this summer though.

Some say dehydrated food flavors and textures aren’t quite as good-tasting as freeze dried because their structure/texture changes more as moisture is removed..  Freeze dried and dehydrated food performs better when using hot water, but room temp water still does the job to give you the same nutritional benefits needed when you are traveling or bugging out.

Most freeze dried food is best stored at a reasonable room temperature to remain edible for ten to twenty-five plus years.  Easy-open vacuum-packed packages are used and then packed into larger cans that have been coated both inside and outside with a coat of enamel for longer shelf-life.

Now, almost every day you see more TV shows popping up like Doomsday Preppers, Doomsday Bunkers, Walking Dead zombies, sport and food stores, and a multitude of online sites selling survival gear, survival food, seeds, weapons, medicines and educating people on ways to survive life in the coming disasters.  Disaster prepping has become the newest, most-talked-about topic today at barber shops, by parents at kids’ softball and soccer games, in grocery check-out lines, even at the coffee pot in my office!

So let’s get busy, let’s get ready, let’s prep and stock up on anything we could possibly need for hard times ahead.  But most importantly at my house, we’re stocking up on freeze dried food, canned food, dehydrated food, dog food–for doomsday or for the weekend or at least for when the power might off for a while in the hot summer, a day or two or a week.  Now to me, that’s a real disaster!!

But hey, we’ll be ready unless those old stinky Zombies finally show up–that will require more preparation.

But until then, we’ve got a whole lot of food just waiting in the garage!

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