Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

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ADULT TOPIC …. LANGUAGE WARNING…. Many people will be unprepared for the coming zombie apocalypse… not me however, I have dedicated my life to preparation for the event. I train constantly and stockpile supplies and weapons for use against them. Watch this video and learn! BE PREPARED! THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS COMING …


Allan McGuire says:

“ADULT TOPIC …. LANGUAGE WARNING…. Many people will be unprepared for the coming zombie apocalypse”

…The irony of this statement 

Tria Vang says:

Barricade that can be set inside and tall fences with an upstairs porch are the best defense

Adam Morrison says:

Don’t post vids but I got a .45 in a shoulder holster as well as another one in a drop holster then a .357 snub in my back pocket my carry gun is a Yugo sks and I have a mossberg 500 20 gauge in a scabbard on my back and a couple knives one in each boot one strapped to my shoulder rig plus a backpack for ammo and supplies I can travel fairly easy with all this stuff and operate well also

Toby dog says:

40 year old virgin.

mattxr2i says:

You sound exactly like a friend of mine. The one I keep around because he is expendable but has a lot of guns. I keep him around because when the SHTF, he will be the first idiot to die and I will be able to collect on my investment. Namely, all the equipment and guns he has that he has no idea how to use…

payne max says:

2 usp~ man you are rich!

Harrison Richter says:

Why did you discard the katana? Katana=tons of killing power, and a decent amount of space.

Shawn Banks says:

I don’t think that was a katana

Shawn Jwina says:

I’m sticking with a tomahawk or machete maybe both

Seoung Ce says:

Oh man hes so drunk

Tyler Whitaker says:

this is more of a weapon showcase considering you don’t have any extra gear to help you survive other than guns, and they can’t get you that far considering you need food shelter water all other survival supplies. At least zombies won’t get you. I would not consider this a zombie survival kit.

Unknown Patriot says:

I’m confused, You don’t want to use a 5.56 because the zombies are “wood like”.  but then you say you want to use a sword to Lop off their heads?  take a sword out and try and cut a 4-7 inch tree in one swing… Wont happen.  So what is it, can’t use 5.56 or you can use a sword?

Secondly a zombie will be bad enough, but your bright idea is to set them ablaze?  You know how long it would take for a zombie to die by fire?

Wolfwolveswolf says:

Hand the Zombies a drink to quickly distract them, then wham each one with the Gladiator Sword as they do; and an extra person for back up with the Guns, in case the Zombie line gets to quick and out of order.

Gray says:

Molotov cocktails are not alcohol based, they are actually filled with petrol. The fact they are in a bottle is simply for cheap and easy carrying

Michael Lawson says:

I see that he was working to empty those liquor bottles so that he use the bottles to make Molotov cocktails.  

michael says:

lmfaooo cut a tendon to slow em down or car bait the mothafukas hahaha i got it all figure out

hdkeegan says:

did anyone else notice the blood stains on the floor at 2:56?

dbz expert says:

in his other when he talks about having test subjects that have escaped and since he’s a truck driver that when he tests his bag out that it doesn’t have any repercussions if I ever met this guy I would probably just shoot him before he shoots me

Scrambled O says:


ajttambo says:

Its been 4 years and I’m still waiting for that Alien Apocalypse kit video

Markrow says:

круть! like

Rajendra SINGH says:

Hy FRENZIED CALM do you think that zombies really exists or not? please answer me

tenminutetokyo says:

We’re gonna need it.

Akla Asad says:

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